A poster for the Ubs-serific Franchise.


Ubs-serific Franchise logo.

The Ubs-serific Franchise is an organization within AJM STUDIOS, but not associated with AJM STUDIOS. Creator Ubs started the Ubs-serific Franchise in 2005. Since then it has created numerous successful thread and thread series on AJM STUDIOS.NET. It is among the most well known organizations on AJM STUDIOS.

UPU (Ubs-serific People United) is part of the organization, and often used as a slogan as well.

The offices for the Ubs-serific Franchise are located in the AJM STUDIOS Building on the 3rd floor.


Ubs-serific Franchise official logo.

The Ubs-serific Franchise threads have been able to gather 14,000 posts and over 72,900 views, which makes it among the top three draws to AJM STUDIOS. People have wondered why the Ubs-serific Franchise had not created a new thread other then the Ubs-serific Poll Tallies, which have unofficially ended on March 23, 2009. But that wait ended on February 22, 2010 with the release of The Ubs-serific Adventure.

A promotional poster for the Ubs-serific Franchise.

Notable Threads by the Ubs-serific Franchise

The Ubs-serific Poll of Strange Talliness Series

Starting first as almost a joke thread, the thread has now been around over a 3 years and has had eleven, one thousand post threads created. The first thread was created on June 15, 2005. Creator Ubs made the first thread as a guest. The purpose as stated earlier was a joke, telling members to measure their coughs, burps, and sneezes. Overtime mainly the female members played the game keeping their tallies day in and day out.

The thread series finally came to an end unofficially on March 23, 2009. Many claim The Sneeze Game is a replacement to this thread series. It has gathered over 11,000 posts and over 62,100 views

Ubs' Playhouse

A poster for the Ubs' Playhouse.

Was created on August 29, 2006. It was a thread that had the setting of a child's playhouse. It was well known, and well liked. Ubs passed our badges for members who did certain achievements. Many were mock, or fun badges. The series ended on June 21, 2007 and gathered over 3,600 views. Recent speculation says that this series will return in 2010.

The Ubs-serific Life in the Hood

Was created on August 22, 2005 and followed the life of Ubs. He would regularly update the thread with new wild stories of his life. It was popular and known for being funny. It ended January 11, 2007 and attracted over 3,500 views.

The Ubs-serific Palace of Ubs

Was created on April 28, 2006. The thread was a place for people to talk and ask questions to Ubs, who would in return and answer them. Based on view count, it was the second most successful Ubs-serific Franchise thread. It athered over 3,700 views.

The Ubs-serific Adventure

Was released on February 22, 2010, to the AJM STUDIOS General Lobby. It marked the first new thread of 2010 for the Ubs-serific Franchise. The thread has an "adventure and explorer" theme which focuses on members talking about fun adventures they have done. There is also an index were Ubs tells a strange adventure of his very own.

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