Circle of the Crone
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Udosvnochi Ayotli

Udosvnochi Ayotli is a neonate Gangrel Circle newly arrived in San Andreas. She is Cherokee, native of Tennessee where she was embraced. Her sire gave her the nickname of Scrynth, which is a name only her closest friends call her. She ran away from her sire and flew to Washington where she was found by a Gangrel who helped teach her the ways of Kindred society.

Her sire follows her to Washington, so her mentor sends her to San Andreas. hoping she can live her unlife in peace.


Played by Lauren, who's previous characters in the current chronicle was Katrina McFerrell and Margarite O'Connell- the childe of Daeva Priscus Seamus O'Connell.

In the previous chronicle she played the Carthian Daeva Isabella, the wife of Renfro, after the death of her previous character; Corin- a Carthian/Lancea Sanctum Mekhet and the central cause of the super-spectacular, and now infamous, Starbucks Breach.

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