ufed - Gentoo Linux USE flags editor

What are USE flags?

      The  USE  settings  system is a flexible way to enable or disable
      various features at package build-time on a global level and  for
      individual  packages.  This  allows an administrator control over
      how packages are built in regards to the optional features  which
      can be compiled into those packages.
      For  instance, packages with optional GNOME support can have this
      support disabled at compile time by  disabling  the  "gnome"  USE
      setting. Enabling the "gnome" USE setting would enable GNOME sup-
      port in these same packages.
      The effect of USE settings on packages is  dependent  on  whether
      both  the software itself and the package ebuild supports the USE
      setting as an optional feature. If the  software  does  not  have
      support  for  an optional feature then the corresponding USE set-
      ting will obviously have no effect.
      Also many package dependencies are not considered optional by the
      software  and  thus  USE  settings  will  have no effect on those
      mandatory dependencies.

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