"Surstrumpebrogen", the official flag of Ugaly

The monarch republic of Ugaly is a coastal nation on the northern continent. The capital city is Fuel. It debuted in the Nation Song Contest's fourth edition with a last place, and has participated a total of three times so far.


Ugaly is officially divided into 8 provinces. The easternmost area, known as the Wasteland, belongs to the nation, but is largely uninhabitable and abandoned and does not count as a province.


Map of the Ugly provinces. The Wasteland is marked as number 9.


  1. Fuel
  2. District of Bengt
  3. Arbotroc
  4. Chocopotato
  5. The Formerly Communitarianistic Liberal Province of the French Fries for the Great Justice of the Sock
  6. Aunt
  7. Roffbeard
  8. Keno


Compared to some of the surrounding nations such as Arjastan and Tomstria, both only a few decades old, Ugaly has existed for three centuries. While the ecology has been through considerable amounts of morphing, the flag and borders have never changed since their creation.

Previously uninhabited, this small piece of land on the west coast of the northern continent was ignored by nomadic settlers of the original surrounding nations. According to ancient documents, the "Western Wasteland" was barren and rocky, and had no ideal conditions for human population. During the time before it's colonization, several nations considered claiming ownership of the area, but the matters were often dropped, and the worthless grounds remained unclaimed. Around the 18:th century, Doo E. Fuel, a wealthy man of unknown origin, traversed the region to discover that most of the ground had become nutritious and usable for agriculture. Modern day scientists claim that this was the result after millennia of mole digging and bacterial breakdown, with the gradual effect passing by unnoticed. Fuel claimed the land and quickly declared its independence, inviting settlers to establish colonies and build up a new nation.


The population of Ugaly is estimated to be close to four million, with the considerably highest amount of people, about 80%, living in Fuel. Not seen as a very attractive nation abroad, immigration to Ugaly is scarce, with an estimated 99.3% of the population being of Ugly origin.

Foreign relations

Usually keeping to itself, the nation is famously indifferent in foreign politics. No clear relationship with any other nation, and thus no actual opposers, Ugaly enjoys a solitary existance without interference. However, Ugaly is no stranger to international events, and makes sure to have a representative participation to present its own opinions in various subjects.

In the Nation Song Contest

See Ugaly in the NSC.

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