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Ugaly has participated in the contest thrice, the first participation was in NSC IV. The national broadcaster to handle contest related affairs is Lurkovision. They have yet to impress, and they've yet to finish outside the bottom 5 or qualify for the final, but the contest is very popular in the nation, and they are eager to return for subsequent editions.

Edition Song Artist Rank Points
NSC IV Morgenstern Rammstein 22 (out of 22) 16
NSC V Black Hole Sun Soundgarden 21 (out of 24) 29
NSC VI (Semi) Life in Mono Mono 17 (out of 26) 69
NSC VII (Semi) The Wicker Man Iron Maiden TBA TBA


The very first national final featured three entries. Before the final, an internal selection was held to select the musical style of all participants, which became metal. Then the final was held as a public selection, with the decision being made 100% of internet votes. Rammstein had a clear victory and was sent to Arjastan as the very first entry for Ugaly, where they finished at the very bottom, only recieving points from 3 nations.

Song Artist Rank Votes
Princess of the Night Saxon 2 3
Laalavat Jouset Verjnuarmu 3 2
Morgenstern Rammstein 1 6


Ugaly returned for a second attempt, this time without a specific decision in musical style. The final was in the same format as previously, but confusion arose when one of the participants, the Kong Family, had not been selected by LV, but instead had wrote themselves into it. Despite this, they were approved to compete. In the final result, two songs had finished on the same amount of votes, and the decision of the winner was decided by the back-up jury. Soundgarden emerged victorious and was sent to Hibernia. They finished very low, 21:st out of 24, but it was admitted by the Ugly people as a good improvement, seeing as they recieved points from a lot more nations, including 10 points from the host nation and even 12 points from Reym-L-Dneurb. Interestingly, Ugaly also gave 12 points to Reym-L-Dneurb in this edition.

Song Artist Rank Votes
Sodankylä Maj Karma 3 1
Black Hole Sun Soundgarden 1 2
Monkey Rap Kong Family 2 2


With the introduction of a semifinal, Ugaly had to qualify because of Soundgarden's disappointing result in NSC5. Three entries were chosen for the national final, but one of the participants was disqualified early when it was revealed that he was planning a rude coup during the live broadcast. Mono won the selection and was sent to the semifinal in Bokia, where they unfortunately failed to qualify, being 18 points away from the 12:th nation.

Song Artist Rank Votes
Life in Mono Mono 1 8
Row, Row, Row Your Boat Roffbeard DQ DQ
Journeyman Iron Maiden 2 4


Once again, Ugaly must compete in the semifinal This time, a band was chosen beforehand to sing all three songs in the national final, who returned from the previous edition after finishing second after Mono. The winning song, The Wicker Man, will be performed by Iron Maiden in Spila.

Song Artist Rank Votes
Aces High Iron Maiden 2 1
Man on the Edge Iron Maiden 2 1
The Wicker Man Iron Maiden 1 9

Spinoff participations

Edition Song Artist Rank Points
Eurovision Special Det Börjar Verka Kärlek Banne Mig Claes-Göran Hederström 20 (out of 22) 13
Eurovision Special 2 Nous Les Amoreux Jean-Claude Pascal TBA TBA

Score statistics

Votes for Ugaly


Points NSC4 NSC5 NSC6 Semi
1 Medina Arjastan, Bokia Belvist, Bokia
2 Alinta Hibernia, Lost Isle
3 Adamsburg Escotia
4 Noizeland
5 Spila
6 Cicvara
7 Escotia Alinta
8 Galataland, Lolee, Xorentia
10 Hibernia Sunland
12 Reym-L-Dneurb Reym-L-Dneurb


Ugaly has yet to recieve points from the following nations: Altharia, Andromeda, Astoria, Begonia, Gabriel, Giggshood, Instir, Manotto, Mountbatten Island, Phinechendza, Romeria, Rotterdamus, Saksjaowie, Salona, Tomstria, United States of Carmen, Venera and Yaponesia.

Ugaly never recieved points from Brugia or Maccha-Bently, they never participated along with Eurora, Isaria, Magna Grecia or Reignland.

Votes from Ugaly


Points NSC4 NSC5 NSC6 Semi NSC6 Final
1 Adamsburg Spila Instir Hibernia
2 Saksjaowie Xorentia Romeria United States of Carmen
3 Astoria Bokia United States of Carmen Lost Isle
4 Gabriel Alinta Altharia Begonia
5 Romeria Escotia Alinta Escotia
6 Venera Maccha-Bently Xorentia Gabriel
7 Spila Tomstria Manotto Brugia
8 Giggshood Begonia Maccha-Bently Arjastan
10 Brugia Phinechendza Sunland Reym-L-Dneurb
12 Bokia Reym-L-Dneurb Galataland Adamsburg


If a nation was given points in both the semifinal and the final of the same edition, only the highest score is counted

Ugaly has yet to give points to the following nations: Andromeda, Belvist, Lolee, Medina, Mountbatten Island, Noizeland, Rotterdamus, Salona and Yaponesia.

Ugaly never voted for Cicvara.

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