Recently, featured an article titled "Butt Ugly Characters". And while I’m excited that the use of the word “butt” will bring about some interesting Google search queries for our site, I’m more than a little disappointed at their choices of ugly characters.

I mean, really? The cuddly-but-mean Herry and Cookie Monster? SS monsters like Frazzle and Beautiful Day Monster are deliberately ugly, so should they even count?  Edwin and Mr. Essex aren’t even remotely ugly!!  And don’t get me started on Janice and Zoot.

Basically what I’m saying is this: WowieWhoah's thesis is incorrect.  Yeah, I said it.  Sorry if I hurt any feelings out there, but someone had to be the Simon Cowell.

Honestly, I could complain all day (and sometimes I do), but why not put my ugliness where my mouth is instead?  (Please don’t answer that.)  Here are my choices for genuinely ugly characters.


                                                        The Grinch as a Muppet

Here’s the one I’m gonna get some emails about.  Yeah, the Grinch is on our list.  But it’s not just any old Grinch, it’s the Grinch from the Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss. He almost looks like a knockoff puppet.  His mouth is flimsy and sad, his eyes are unfocused and set too far apart, and he barely resembles the guy who made a quick Santa Claus hat and a coat.  I’m assuming this is the version of the Grinch who never left Who-Ville, and opted to wallow in the muck until it actually altered his physical appearance.  Eh, it’s as good a theory as any.

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