The incarnation of Energy, thunder and electricity. Ukai is believed to have no permanent home, and instead to be in constant movement all around Eifel, being unable to keep still for long periods of time due to the imense amount of energy circulating though it's body. Even when summoned, Ukai's body is in some sort of movement, twitching ears, swishing tails, wiskers shifting every other moment, small electrical currents running between them. Ukai is a large mammal, roughly the size of a Kar'tijan, but built strangely, a mixture of cheetah and rabbit. It has long pointed ears that stand ridgidly back towards it's hindquarters, which can be roated around to get the best reception for whatever Ukai is listening to. Powerful hind quarters propell it foreward almost faster than it's smaller front legs can keep up, and it's tail is long and thin, acting like a rudder. The tail is tufted at the end and the ears slightly fluffy, with small tufts of fur adorning the backs of all for ankles. As Ukai moves about Eifel, invisibley fast, these extra bits of fur collect static from the air and store it withing Ukai's body, so that it can be released later. This is not only how Ukai helps Asagi to create storms, but also where Ukai gets it's sustenence from, it's body feeding on the extra reserves of energy not needed for storms or magic. Ukai is pale gold and tan, like a lion or jackrabbit.

In battle, Ukai has access to all the lightning spells, it can also attack opponents with retractable claws and sharp teeth, made nearly impossible to avoid by it's blinding speed. In addition, Ukai can attack foes with it's tail, which can sometimes release stored electricity when it strikes, hitting them with both a physical and elemental attack. When it is dismissed, Ukai runs off, unable to remain so still for that long, it almost always causes a large gust of wind as air rushes in to fill the previously occupied space.

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