Bastard Greyhawk character
Ulik Goblinskinner
Homeland Unknown
Gender Male
Race Half-orc
Born 539 CY
Died N/A
Class Fighter
Alignment Neutral

Ulik Goblinskinner is a half-orcish warrior and former adventurer. He is the proprietor of the Lazy Dwarf, one of the few safe havens in Highport, Pomarj. Ulik first met the Flamebringers Brewfest 5, 579 CY.


Ulik, when encountered by Aladrin and Gilitar in 579, was described as "an old, battle-scarred half-orc." Though irascibile, Ulik is quite likable.


Ulik is an old friend of the Pomarj druid Derwyth.


Ulik has lived in the Pomarj for several years, and has known Derwyth for much of his life.

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