Ultimate Driving Universe/UDU is a roblox universal game created by Alex4897.


Ultimate Driving/UD became popular when he started this game series. As days and months went by, roads and signs became more realistic till around Fall 2014. During that time, UDU no longer did I, II, III, and IV. It just did towns and places. Alex hired JakeFromRoblox and MarcusDOT, which were the first two to be volunteered. JakeFromRoblox started the game called "City of Burlington." Also, MarcusDOT started "City of Jackson." Around August 2014, MarcusDOT gave up Jackson and started something else, but he started Jackson again a few months later. Soon, Ren97 was volunteered. Then, MisterTransportation and VenomDOT were volunteered. Alex4897 or Ren97 has probably volunteered Zeffy229 later. On December 11th, 2014, JakeFromRoblox opened Greater Burlington, but the area in-game was called South Burlington for some reason. In 2015, Ultimate Driving II was going to be a driving simulator. It was set on an island. It became very popular during late January 2015!

More About

UDU (Ultimate Driving Universe) is a driving universe project that encompasses games made by MarcusDOT, JakeFromRoblox, Ren97, Zeffy229, Alex4897, MisterTransportation, and VenomDOT. We hope to provide the best driving environments on Roblox. Do not ask to connect your game to UDU. Do not claim that your game is connected to UDU either. If we want you, we'll contact you.


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