Ultraman.exe is a character based off of the fancharacter Ultraman from the megaman universe.


Created by Dr. Duo Takashi Sr, Ultraman was given to his son, Duo Jr, as his 13th birthday present, complete with a brand new PET. At first, they did not get along, and Ultraman ran off into the net. He wandered the net until he came across a shadow chip (A precursor to the darkchips) called "Shadow Sword." using it in a netbattle one day, he quickly found out that it's power overtook him, and he went beserk, racing off into the net. Eventually, scientists were able to create a vaccine, and the scientists were able to force out the evil entity that was causing him to go beserk. This evil entity eventually split into two parts, one forming a navi called Burst, the other a navi called Gigagirl.

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