Ulyaoth is a member of the Dragon Triad, Verkai's elite henchmen. He is a ghostly blue Nogan with azure eyes.


Ulyaoth was born Rinyalde Starflame to Ares and Vindra Starflame of the Astral Clan. During his childhood, Rinyalde (or Rin, as he was more commonly known) learned various charting and mapping skills (which was immensely important to the Clan) as well as the "lore of the Stars"; the stories behind each and every constellation. Rin became a proficient mapmaker and star-charter and soon grew in fame throughout the Clan.

When Rin was twelve, he encountered a group of mysterious figures while coming back from his seeking. Unbeknownst to him, these were several Exiles, who were planning to raid the Star Clan's libraries in order to procure more books of magic (which Verkai had specifically requested). They told him of the Exiles and, promising that his mapmaking and star-charting skills would be put to better use than they were currently, Rin joined the Exiles without hesitation.

While in the Exiles, Rin learned simple combat, as the Astral Clan were a very peaceful clan and thus were easy targets when Goran's mercenaries came as they had little to no knowledge of fighting. As his fighting skills increased, Rin also taught himself basic magic from books in the library in Verkai's palace. But it was not his magic skills or improving combat abilities that convinced Verkai to offer Rin the chance to join the Dragon Triad. Rather, it was a skill that, ever since joining the Exiles, had been long overlooked...

When Verkai needed a talented mapmaker to assist him in planning an attack on a Plains Clan village (that would end up being the one Shadala was born in), he sent out an open call to any members of the Astral Clan. The first Nogan to contact him was Rin.

Thanks to Rin's superior mapmaking skills, the attack went successfully and he was firmly established in Verkai's mind. Later on, when Verkai offered Rin the chance to join the Dragon Triad, he immediately accepted and was sent to Solbane Mountain to find the Altar of Cunning. The energies within the Altar gave him the form he has today. When he returned, Verkai gave him the name Ulyaoth, after an Ancient of old.

Recently, Ulyaoth was involved in burying Chattur'gha's body in the Hall of the Fallen, as well as briefly battling Airahkia in the War of Ta-Terros.

When Brutus and a group of Exile soldiers attacked Verak Sunslayer's ship Bloodscourge, Ulyaoth was sent along to keep an eye on Brutus and kill him if anything odd was displayed, for Verkai was becoming suspicious of Brutus' behaviour. When Brutus failed to kill Verak, Ulyaoth jumped in and the two dueled. Both killed each other at approximately the same time, and Xel'lotath then took Ulyaoth's body away to be interred in the Hall of the Fallen.


  • Can manifest blue energy

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