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Umbrak are subterranean and nocturnal wokrer Rahi that live in the Protodermic Mines of the Xal-Fettk. They are used as a slave race to gather raw materials for the Forges of the Abyss. Below is information on their appearance and powers.


Umbrak are large arachnid-like creatures with powerful jaws and a long thrashing tail. Although they vary in size, they are all of almost equal strength. It should be noted that recently the Xal-Fettk have been grafting drills, Kanoka Launchers, and Rhotuka Launchers onto the Umbrak.


Most Umbrak don't have powers, however every once and awhile one will have either heat or laser vision. Aside form that and their immense strength these creatures don't have any noteable powers.

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