Umbrella Mansion and Research Facility: Critical Locations

Mansion, Main Hall 1F and 2F

REmake Main Haill 1F Normal

Main Hall 1F Map

REmake Main Haill 2F Normal

Main Hall 2F Map

Mansion, Dining Room 1F

Dining Hall 1F Normal

Dining Room 1F Map

Mansion, West Office

Itchy Tasty Normal

West Office Map

Room Information:

Dimensions: 4 x 5 squares

CR 2

A single bed is the centerpiece of this room, a chestnut colored armoire directly to the right of the door you enter, a desk on the opposite wall, and a closet to the right of it.

The bed's blanket is slightly rumpled, but otherwise appears untouched. A Search check DC 15 reveals a Beretta 92FS magazine on or beneath the bed.

The armoire is locked shut, and with a Disable Device DC 15, it opens up to reveal assorted men's shirts and sweaters.

The desk has a lamp turned on, a dated newspaper (August 1998), pens/pencils and a Search check DC 10 highlights an open journal on it's final days...a character that "reads" the entries is immediately attacked by the zombie (see below)

The closet has slanted openings for ventilation, though shining a flashlight doesn't reveal much inside until you draw upon it for a closer look...

A character that gets within 15 feet of the closet sets off the dormant zombie within. Roll for initiative, giving the zombie a +4 bonus for having remained hidden, and if the player wins, they may act normally. Otherwise, the zombie still bursts out 1 round later and attacks the character.

Mansion, Medical Storage Room

REmake Medical Storage Room Normal

Medical Storage Room Map

Mansion Graveyard

REmake Mansion Graveyard Normal

Mansion Graveyard Map

Mansion, Woodland Path to Old Cabin

REmake Path to Cabin BIG

Large Path Map

REmake Path to Cabin Upper Normal

Upper Path Map-Detail

REmake Path to Cabin Lower Normal

Lower Path Map-Detail

Woodland Path, Old Cabin

Trevor Cabin Normal

Old Cabin Map

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