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The Umbrella Group Category


"Nothing is impossible"

"Welcome To The Umbrella Corporation. Our Business Is Life Itself."

"Our Business Is Life Itself"


Umbrella Member Position and Rank
LSUfan20 Chairman of the Board, CEO, Forum Administrator
Brandon Jackson President, Co-Chairman of the Board, Administrator
Thadeous Oakley Director, Internal Operations, Administrator


Omega Platoon

Omega ‎Platoons`s Logo

Victor Platoon

Victor Platoon`s Logo

Whiskey Platoon

Whiskey Platoon's logo

About the Umbrella Corporation

We are a pro-survivor group located in Shearbank. Our goals are helping humanity, having fun, growing in numbers and have a discussion from time to time about the world affairs. And yes, our group's name is a link to the fictional Umbrella Corporation that plays a large role in the Resident Evil/Biohazard games.

  • Our members are from all over the globe bearing different cultural backgrounds. From South-Africa to Denmark, from the UK to the US, from Brazil to the Netherlands, etc.
  • We play regularly at different hours because of the different times zones
  • We offer different roles for people. You can be a hardcore zombie killer or climb up the ranks and fill important positions. Because we are geared towards development and growth we usually have enough open applications.
  • As for in-game, we are an experienced survivor group, we have dealt with sieges, PK's and have executed guerrilla tactics. We know the game.
  • Watch our new promotional video

If your interested in becoming part of our cause, visit the forums

Umbrella Corp. Main Operating Location

  • Umbrella had originally operated in the suburb of Molebank and after the 5th of November operation, Umbrella relocated to Shearbank's Stickling Mall as their base of operations. Survivors are still welcome to find safety at Stickling Mall, but our headquarters has been moved to the Rush Building in South Shearbank, for operational purposes. Barricade policy still remains the same, and needs to be kept at E.H.B. You can find an entry point at the Fitkin Hotel or Luckraft Cinema.
  • Umbrella Laboratories were recently revealed to the public when they were accidentally discovered in early February. The Nisbet Building is located directly across from corporation headquarters and is maintained and barricaded at E.H.B. with the entry point at the Fitkin Hotel.

The Rush Building



Windows lined with black tint, the only light can be seen from the top of the building where eye witnesses account that black helicopters have been landing, all entrances and exits have had cement barricades put into place most completely boarded up, only the back of the building (truck docks) and the main entrance at the front appear to be accessible.

Barricade Policy

According to the Shearbank Barricade Plan, the Rush Building should be kept Extremely Heavily Barricaded, at all times.

Current Status

Umbrella Corporation Headquarters in Shearbank.


Umbrella forces claimed the building in early January and fortified it in preparation for the arrival of several semis which, completely occupy the truck doc area and haven't left since their arrival. The various logos on the semi trucks suggest that they were used in order to move supplies and technology from Molebank, It was speculated, since these semis were spotted sitting in the Stickling Mall parking lot for two months, that Umbrella was running operations out of the Stickling Mall.

Template:GrpLoc Template:GrpLoc

Recruitment Policies

These are our general rules for application.

  • The player must intend on playing as a survivor.
    • Exception: Zombies may be able to join; as part of the B.O.W. Program, as long as they do not harm the general survivor populace, and attack only opponents of the Corporation.
  • The player must not be part of another group.
  • A player that was part of a GKer or PKer group must declare his hostilities to them and stop participating in the group's activities.
  • A player that was a zombie spy must cease such activities.
    • A player caught relaying information from this group to another without consent can find himself be put on a hit list, Accidents may happen but we will judge according the the circumstances.
  • The player must not be stupid.
    • No internet language allowed. People must use (American/British) English. Good grammar and punctuation are highly recommend. The only exceptions are perhaps the spam topics.

Template:Stupidity If these rules are to your liking and you have a general interest in the operations of the Umbrella Corporation, then send your application here at our forums, And make a name for yourself in Malton! Template:UCEmployee

PKer Policy

  • Umbrella does not PK without a reason.Just make sure you dont stand in our way.
  • Umbrella will use any tactic, clean or dirty to ensure victory. We wont however, condone unallowed things, such as zerging and cheating.
  • Repeat PKers/GKers will be posted on the hit list and targeted by Umbrella members and allies.
  • Known Pkers may apply following they comply with Umbrella regulations.
  • PKers will also be reported here

Template:PK Reporting

Tagging/Graffiti Policy

We at Umbrella feel this quote from a veteran member sums up our tagging policy: "People are complaining about graffiti and I say screw them. Graffiti as a turf designator is only good if you can keep it up. If someone were to walk into the Stickling and tag it up, we'd just tag it back over. We have plenty of active players and plenty of spray cans. I say, graffiti everything, let other people cover it up if they want to. They're complaining about graffiti on Hulme Park, NEXT DOOR to the mall. Let them cover our graffiti up 5 times a day. Why should we listen to anyone who tells us not to graffiti? Graffiti is vandalism. So I say, let's vandalize. Get out your spray cans and your U.C. stencils. If anyone really wants to start a violent war over this. I say let them. Anyone provoked to violence over our graffiti can get a headshot from my shotgun. Peace-theSaxMan"

  • As the Umbrella Corporation grows, so will our turf and tagging range; it is simple Darwin shit.
  • U.C. members are encouraged to tag often and everywhere with the exception of revive tags and revive point info tags.
  • U.C. tags should include "Umbrella" at the end of the tag, or include a forum link somewhere in the tag; Example: "Umbrella, letting you rest easy." or "Stand up Alive,"
  • U.C. tags should not be put up over other clans tags in their H,Q.s.
  • Slanderous tags about Umbrella should be covered promptly.

Revive Information File:80px-Revive.gif

  • Umbrella is currently operating Trotter Place,Fellowes Lane and Male Way revive points in association with freelance scientists and other groups.
  • Feel free to leave a revive request on the Umbrella Corporation Forum.

Template:Reviver Template:SacredGroundPolicy Template:PayItForward

Current Events (Undergoing Updates...)

Note that while this section is outdated, Umbrella is most certainly active and up to date.

April 1st, 2008 The Umbrella Committee voiced its final remarks on having an 'Employee of the Month' to further bolster moral and make our employees happy! The committee voted highly in favor of the idea with a landslide approval of 73.33% to 26.67%. Congrats Umbrella Employees and William Lanfried who sets the standard with this quote, "You qualify for the award by doing something really great, like clearing out many buildings, saving other members in dangerous situations, killing PK'ers, and so on..." Tis another great day for the corporation.

March 17th, 2008 The Umbrella Committee voiced its final remarks on sending a strike force to Bale Mall to help ensure the safety of the civilians at large there, though a valiant proposal in winning the majority votes of Umbrella members with a 60.00% vote in favor and a 40.00% vote oppose. It was overruled by the Administration of Umbrella Corporation deeming, "...such an operation would be to dangerous..." and leave the home suburb of Shearbank exposed.

March 11th, 2008 - The Umbrella Committee voiced its final remarks on what our next major move should be, it was decided with a tie agreeing to both maintain Shearbank (38.46%) and join the Unified Human Resistance (38.46%), voters who wanted to move East to support resistance there lost with a meager 7.69%, and 'other' with 15.38%.

January 17th, 2008 - The Umbrella Committee voiced its final remarks on instituting the Bio-Organic Weapons (B.O.W.) section of the Umbrella Corporation. The dream, envisioned by Senior Umbrella Scientist Oakley G. Thadeous, and brought to attention by Chairperson Jackson, was approved by a 66.63% to 33.33% vote. The B.O.W. program was invented to allow users who have Brain Rot or who would rather kill other zombies as a zombie to join Umbrella. Users who would like to volunteer can do so by applying on our forums. See apply for membership for instructions.

January 10th, 2008 - The Umbrella Committee voiced its final remarks on possibly moving the H.Q. due to the low level of dangerous activity in Shearbank. Brought to the corporation's attention by members and final decision made by it's members the corporation stayed in Shearbank with a landslide opinion of 83.33% over 16.67% Umbrella finalized the decision to stay in Shearbank and raise barricades to protect the building of Rush.

January 4th, 2008 - The Umbrella Committee voiced its final remarks on instituting a declarations and rank system. The rank system was envisioned by one Dr. James Clark and put into detail by our C.E.O. after it was approved by members who all agreed 100.00% on having one though different opinions on its use varied. Though not yet a requirement to display rank participation is still voluntary. One member had this to say, "Umbrella Corporation is like most corporations in having what may be considered a 'chain of command' and is not considered a military entity. However, branches within Umbrella such as Security Services do have a need for a more concentrated chain of command."

Recent Activities in Malton (Undergoing Updates)...

Operation: War Drums (Undergoing Updates)

Operation: Iron Pinata (Undergoing Updates)

Operation: Homegrown Third Times the Charm The long time relationship between Umbrella and Roach Klips was started when the corporation moved into Shearbank and this is an easy demonstration of how dedicated Umbrella Corporation is to its allies.

Umbrella Corporation was spread across Malton at the time taking part in various operations, kicking ass and taking names, when it came very quickly that our skeleton crew left behind in Shearbank to protect the central hub was overrun. Seeing this the corporation swung into action recalling all troops but instead of a head on fight, this time it was to be a covert timed attacks on different sections of the suburb. Seeing our allies in need made Roachtown a top priority and excellent grounds to launch the covert attacks in retaking our own suburb. The fights were vicious but after such a beautiful victory in the suburb the leaders of Victor Platoon decided a perfect place for the H.Q. of their Platoon...(Undergoing Updates)

Operation: Homegrown Part Deux: Beginning May 23rd, Umbrella again worked with the Roach Klips to clear out the suburb of Roachtown. Operations were considered a success June 1st. Not until the beginning fall of Nichols Mall on June 13th when the skeleton crew in Roachtown was not able to handle the now dangerous number of zeds encrouching on the suburb. Operations officially ended on June 2nd or 3rd when Victor Platoon was ordered to retake Ackland Mall.

Operation: Back Stab and Slash: Ridleybank Resistance Front, one of the most feared names in all of the mess that is the Malton population of undead hordes. We have dealt with fractions of the group in the past and they are a very worthy foe, yet due to recent survivor coordinated events they had their back turned to their home suburb, and after Bale with moral high, Umbrella reached at the chance of grabbing a part of suburb. Operation orders were sent out on the 14th of May and our two platoons and much of our employees swung into action to meet up with UBCS who were already in the area. Much to our surprise the suburb was largely uninhabited by zeds and the clean up was a quick one with Blackmore being the only small challenge. Several survivors had kept the suburb intact and once our sweeping operations were completed the whole operation was put to a stop on May 22nd so concentration could be moved elsewhere.

Operation: 1AZB: Started as Orders 1AZB or, 1 Attack Zeds at Bale, on May 9th for Victor Platoon of Umbrella's 1st Battalion, was given the go ahead to be moved up to a whole corporation operation on May 12th. The operation was already in full swing and highly succesful with few casualties that were later revived. After the operation was declared the mall was retaken in just one and a half days. This operation has ceased as of May, 14th.

Operation: Reclaimer: April 2008 - Currently underway. Lead by the temporary Director of Warfare, Leon Cane. Huge success! Thanks to Umbrella and allies in the suburbs all targeted areas were secured! Operation has ceased as of May 5th.

Unified Human Resistance: March 2008 - Malton is under siege with a zombie population double that of survivors. The Umbrella Corporation has proudly joined the Unified Human Resistance -- a large survivor effort to reclaim Malton -- and is currently helping to rebuild our shattered city.

Operation: Green Peace: Currently underway working with allies in Santlerville. Santlerville operations halted. All other Green Peace operations still in effect. Stay strong Malton! Operations ceased April 2nd due to lack of efficiency and corporation capabilities. The current target suburbs are now safe but overall operation success was very little.

Code 4R: Code: 4R was succesfully executed and completed March 3rd, with Male Way secure, and the Rush and Nisbet buildings in a prime state. Constant security patrols has done much to secure Southern Shearbank and has been quite succesful.

Operation: Homegrown: Lead by the Roach Klips our goal was to retake Roachtown on March 1st, and push the R.R.F. and other undeadite groups back South. The Operation was succesful however with forces pushing South our main suburb was exposed and emergency actions had to take place. Code 4R was implemented and completed on March 3rd but due to our early efforts the Roach Klips were able to easily push the hordes back to the Ridleybank border.

Operation: Glass House: Halted. All other information is classified.

Operation: Deliberate Force/Operation: Odin: Working alongside the Roach Klips, M.D.D., and its allies, Umbrella was able to bring the zed numbers down drastically in Roachtown. Though the operation success was short lived, due to it only being a weeks time away from the Big Bash 2, this brought about new allies and stronger resolve among troops.

Sweeping up at Santlerville: The U.T. Unit is currently wrapping up Sweeper operations in Santlerville with much success and will be returning to Shearbank to bolster moral by removing the meddlesome roaming undead.

Protection of Pitneybank: Some Umbrella members are currently operating in the hotzone of Pitneybank. Research and defensive measurges against the big bash zombie horde are the current goals there. Anyone interested in helping the Umbrella cause there should contact senior scientist Thadeous Oakley G. at the forums or directly in-game as MisterGame.

Siege of Giddings Mall: After a major break-in in Giddings Mall, the Umbrella field commander of Pitneybank concluded that the fall of Pitneybank was inevitable and the unit was quickly withdrawn. Soon after that Giddings fell and with that the entire suburb of Pitneybank. Umbrella's activity in Pitneybank is currently terminated. Template:Flagbox

Alliance of the Dagger: Umbrella Corporation worked together with U.B.C.S. Mercs-For-Hire to form an elite assault unit (mistakenly called our secret police on occasion). Purpose was so the company would have an answer for high-risk operations and offer a solution for precision based combat against the zed hordes.

The Perryn Defense: On Friday the 17th 2007, The survivors began a massive operation to secure the fort, the Cannonball Crew were the first to show up followed by other groups such as the 82nd, the Liberation of Crossmans dept, the Fortress, Umbrella Corporation and a few guys from the Creedy Defense Force lead by Wesk. They acted quickly and were able to secure the gatehouse on the first day and the entire fort was zombie free by the 19th. At the same time the BMC attempted to use the attack on the fort as a diversion to allow them to retake the suburb, they failed and hence joined the others in the fort. Template:Visited Fort Perryn

The 5th of November: On the 5th of November Umbrella Corporation, working together with several survivor groups, took part in the charge to push back the zed hordes from the suburbs! Umbrella still has operations in Ridleybank but has yet to make any formal announcements. Keep your head up and stay strong residents of Ridleybank! Template:5th of NovemberSmall

Operation Ghost Buster: The Umbrella Corporation conducted "Operation Ghost Buster" with US Army Infantry, U.B.C.S, and many other survivor groups aimed at assisting the current survivors in Molebank and return the suburb to a state of safety.


Umbrella Corporation/Timeline

Umbrella Corporation/Company History

The First era of Umbrella in Malton: Umbrella Corporation/History

Scientific Research

The Umbrella scientists have done various experiments and conducted research connected to Umbrella's biologic weapons program, including files related to non-Malton related topics. Some of these files are open to the public. Only authorized Umbrella members are allowed (and encouraged) to add new information. As of now, these are open to public:

  • The Malton Outbreak by Senior Scientist T.Oakley G.
  • And an in-depth Brainrot study by Security Chief Krauser of Umbrella.(See link above)

Recorded Field Data

Media files open for public view: (Right click to save if necessary)

The Licker

This is an artists rendering of the Licker attacks at the R.P.D.


The building was ransacked and only 2 of the 10 people present there survived.


This clearly shows the crude power and efficiency of the Umbrella B.O.W.

More to come as agents in the field report on their research.

Company Allies

Umbrella has a common interest with the following groups. The corporation has always aided Malton survivors and organizations and we only ask in return that those we assist return the favor. Any survivors, groups, or organizations wishing to affiliate or contact the Umbrella Corporation can contact us at our communication link stated previously. Template:UmbrellaCorporationAlly
82nd Airborne Division
Ackland Mall Security
Area 51
Army Control Corps
Cannonball Crew
Channel 4 News Team
Creedy Defense Force
Phoenix Security Services
Special Tactics And Rescue Squad
The Abandoned
The Forgotten
The Imperium
The Fortress
U.B.C.S. Merc-for-hire

Historical Alliances (No Longer Active Groups)

Bastion High
Black Berets
CCPD of Santlerville

Malton Department of Defense

Metal Fox
Raccoon City Survivors
The Imperium

Third Echelon
U.B.C.S. Merc-for-hire


Apply For Membership At Umbrella Corp.

"Obedience Breeds Discipline, Discipline Breeds Unity, Unity Breeds Power, Power is Life."
"Obedience Breeds Discipline, Discipline Breeds Unity, Unity Breeds Power, Power is Life."

Umbrella Templates and Other Gifts!

User:Cody Mac/Templates2

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