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is a special of episode, to gets K. Rool to deal with Tabuu and her evil friend Evil Remote Control, to create the monsters from Rita, to destroy at...Heroes to good plan of...hero to be plan time.

The Big Surpsing as...Tabuu and Narrator's TV Remote

Evil Remote Control

Various Best of The Evil Remote Control's Monsters in Battle with Tabuu to seen from as...King K. Rool

A Different Drum
Food Fight
Big Sisters
Switching Places
I, Eye Guy
Foul Play in the Sky
For Whom the Bell Trolls
The Trouble with Shellshock
Life's A Masquerade
Peace, Love and Woe
To Flea or Not to Flee
Reign of the Jellyfish
Grumble Bee (Episode)
Trick or Treat
On Fins and Needles
The Mutiny
The Wanna-Be Ranger
Putty on the Brain
Bloom of Doom (Episode)
The Power Stealer
The Beetle Invasion
Welcome to Venus Island
The Green Dream
The Song of Guitardo
Green No More
When is a Ranger Not A Ranger

The Halloween Present...MMPR 54 Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat (MMPR DVD-Rip Halloween Special of the Best Parody with Numbuhs 1-5) (2007)

Untold Story

PRIS & MMPR the hero Time to defeater Doofenshmirtz from Animal Agents of Perry (2013)

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