The Spitfire goes back thorugh the Earth-Link, and Zero tells Admiral Thorak of the mission failure.

However, Thorak says not to worry, for he has a plan.

We've been building something...something big...nasty...and it rhymes with fun.

A boom shtick?!

Thorak confirms Aiden's response when he says it is a supergun; a massive weapon with the power to destroy planets and even large fleets of starships. Thorak tells the crew that their next mission is to protect the supergun on her maiden voyage into Skregg Territory.

Hold up. Why am I sensing something Un-Earthical in this thing?
—Zero believes trouble is ahead

You mean "Unethical," sir?
— Catscratch corrects Zero

No, I mean, like, unlike the Empire to create a weapon of the scale this thing is on? I mean, how many times does the Empire plan to use it?

Thorak cannot give an answer because it is classified. However, Zero eventually agrees to escort the weapon into Skregg territory.

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