Crossovers (2013 And 2015)

  1. Steven Universe: Say Uncle (2015) - Uncle Grandpa: Sooo...
  2. Uncle Grandpa Meets Peppa Pig (2013) - Uncle Grandpa: Thanks. (Giggles)

Pilot (2008 And 2012)

  1. Uncle Grandpa (Pilot, 2008) - Uncle Grandpa: Wait A Minute. I'm Uncle Grandpa.
  2. Secret Mountain Uncle Grandpa (2012) - Uncle Grandpa: What Do I Still Going On Over There?

List Of Episodes (2013)

  1. Belly Bros (2013) - Uncle Grandpa: Got-Cha! Sheep: Baah!! Uncle Grandpa: YOUCH!!!
  2. Tiger Trails (2013) - Uncle Grandpa: Or Maybe I Forgot To Tell Her Good Morning This Morning!
  3. Space Emperor (2013) - Emperor Krell: MWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! YOU DID-
  4. Funny Face (2013) - Mr. Gus: Looks Like Those Guys Are Having A Pretty Good Time Without Me.
  5. Moustache Cream (2013) - Uncle Grandpa: BEEHUU! EEEEEHHH.... BAHAHAH!!!
  6. Nickname (2013) - (Fan Zoom In)
  7. Driver's Test (2013) - Pizza Steve: Does Pizza Steve's Name You Wrong? Again?
  8. Uncle Grandpa Sitter (2013) - Uncle Grandpa: But I Don't WANNA Babysitter!
  9. Uncle Grandpa Ate My Homework (2013) - Uncle Grandpa: But... Dennis?
  10. Uncle Grandpa For A Day (2013) - Mr. Gus: Good Morning.
  11. Cartoon All Stars To The Rescue The Movie (2013) - Spongebob, Patrick, Uncle Grandpa, Belly Bag, Pizza Steve, Mr. Gus, Peppa, George, Wander And Sylvia: (Singing) Somebody Tell Me That Fate Has Been Kind!
  12. Afraid Of The Dark (2013) - Uncle Grandpa: And Especially, The Dark Beasts That Hide Under The Bed.
  13. Treasure Map (2013) - Mr. Gus: NOOO!!!!
  14. Locked Out (2013) - Uncle Grandpa: Now I'm Locked Inside For The Outside!
  15. Jorts (2013) - Mr. Gus: (Sighs) Nevermind.
  16. Brain Game (2013) - Uncle Grandpa: Now We're In JAIL?!?
  17. Mystery Noise (2013) - Uncle Grandpa: Uuuuhhhhh...... OOF!

List The Episodes (2014)

  1. Charlie Burgers (2014) - Uncle Grandpa: Darn It! Where Are They Go?
  2. Uncle Grandpa Shorts (2014) - Uncle Grandpa: I Thought My Fingers Stuck In My Ear! How Does Keep Happening? Pizza Steve: Oh Yeah! That's Right! Mr. Gus: I've Gotta Go Take A Nap. GRFT: (Roars) (Static And Turns Off The TV)
  3. Perfect Kid (2014) - Belly Bag: AAAH!!!
  4. Big In Japan (2014) - Mr. Gus: Uh, Disgusting. Why You Go On, Pizza Steve?
  5. Leg Wrestle (2014) - Mr. Gus: Wha?
  6. Future Pizza (2014) - Uncle Grandpa: WOOO!!!
  7. More Uncle Grandpa Shorts (2014) - Uncle Grandpa: That Living Room Is Gonna... LIVE IT UUUUUP! Yo! And That One. Belly Bag: YEAH, BOY! Uncle Grandpa: (Whistles)
  8. Viewer Special (2014) - Uncle Grandpa: Ready? One Four Three Two!
  9. Bad Morning (2014) - Uncle Grandpa: BAD MORNING!
  10. Prank Wars (2014) - Mr. Gus: DAAAAHH!!!!!
  11. Bezt Friends (2014) - Hobo: STOP LITTERING! Uncle Grandpa: That Tears It.
  12. 1992 Called (2014) - Uncle Grandpa: UHH!!!
  14. Hide And Seek (2014) - Uncle Grandpa: But... BUT I'LL NEVER FOUND THE POOR GUY!!
  15. The History Of Wrestling (2014) - Ric Flair: And With My... Hair?
  16. Sick Bag (2014) - (Uncle Grandpa Explodes His Head)
  17. Vacation (2014) - Frankenstein: GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-
  18. Aunt Grandma (2014) - Uncle Grandpa: Timeout. This Kid Is Been A Crazy Machine And His Bedroom?
  19. Grounded (2014) - Uncle Grandpa: (Gasps) Say Something For The Party!!
  20. Haunted RV (2014) - Pizza Steve: I Don't Know It Might Be Belly Bag Should Do It. Belly Bag: I Have Standers. Uncle Grandpa: Alright, Mr. Gus Is A Good Kid.
  21. Cartoon All Stars To The Rescue The Movie 2: Goes To Mars (2014) - Spongebob, Patrick, Uncle Grandpa, Belly Bag, Pizza Steve, Mr. Gus, Peppa, George, Wander And Sylvia: MARS?!?
  22. Internet Troll (2014) - Uncle Grandpa And Mr. Gus: AAAAH!!!
  23. Not Funny (2014) - Jackie: No! (Uncle Grandpa Is Wearing A Zebra)
  24. Prison Break (2014) - Green Monster: YOU MONSTERS!
  25. Escalator (2014) - Uncle Grandpa NOOOOOOOO-
  26. Christmas Special (2014) - Uncle Grandpa: What's Going On? EEEEEE-EEEEE!!!!
  27. Dog Day (2014) - Uncle Grandpa: LLAAAAAAAH! Intermissive Hot Dog Dance.
  28. Tiger And Mouse (2014) - Pizza Steve: AH CAY HEAR OF MY ICE CREAM! AAAAH!!! Oops. Mr. Gus: It's Just The Hardous Little Mouse. Ruh!

List Of Episodes (2015)

  1. Pizza Steve's Diary (2015) - Mr. Gus: AAH!! OOF! EAH!!
  2. Ballin' (2015) - Timeout.
  3. Big Trouble For Tiny Miracle (2015) - Uncle Grandpa: Tidal Waaaaave!! (Gasps) This Castle Will-
  4. New Kid (2015) - Tommy: Are You Sure You Know What You Doing?
  5. Uncle Zombie (2015) - Uncle Grandpa: Nuuuuuh....
  6. Uncle Caveman (2015) - Uncle Grandpa: Man, It Was Sitting Your Back There. You Make A Super Tough Bodyguard. .draugydoB hguoT repuS A ekaM uoY .erehT kcaB ruoY gnittiS saW tI
  7. Misfortune Cookie (2015) - Uncle Grandpa: Why Do You Know The Enemy In Disguise, Mr. Gus? Mr. Gus: But. But.. But I'm NOT!
  8. Wasteland (2015) - Uncle Grandpa: WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!?
  9. Duck Lips (2015) - Uncle Grandpa: Good Morning.
  10. Numbskull (2015) - Mr. Gus: HOOAH!! My Head. Uncle Grandpa: (Gasps)
  11. Body Trouble (2015) - Uncle Grandpa: I'm Sorry, Belly Bag! I Shouldn't Listen To You More!
  12. Shower Party (2015) - Uncle Grandpa: Cowabunga!!
  13. Uncle Grandpa Land (2015) - Pizza Steve: Whoa, This Is So Not Cool! My Beautiful Cheese! WHOA WAAAA-
  14. Taco Comet (2015) - Mr. Gus: But How Can I Get Out Of Here?
  15. The Fan (2015) - Nubert Nimbo: GRRRRRR...RR....RRRRRR..... NO!!!!!
  16. The Package (2015) - Mr. Gus: GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Are You Talking At Tree? (2015) - Pizza Steve: I'm FLIPPIN' STARVING, JACK!!
  18. Older (2015) - Uncle Grandpa: Follow Me, Kimmmmmm?
  19. Guest Directed Shorts (2015) - Uncle Grandpa: Hello?
  20. Hundred Dollar Gus (2015) - Mr. Gus: Kind... Ol' Uncle Grandpa Who Treated You-
  21. Weird Badge (2015) - Uncle Grandpa: I'm Running Out Of Check. So I Want You To Know, That I Expected Each In Every One Of You To Be Dipped Milk Before You Got To Put These Crunchers.
  22. The Great Spaghetti Western (2015) - (Uncle Grandpa Is Riding With Tiger)
  23. Pal.0 (2015) - Uncle Grandpa: Motherboard! (Gasps) Computer Can Talky Mouth?
  24. Uncle Grandpa At The Movies (2015) - Uncle Grandpa: Oh Man, Oh Man, Oh Man!
  25. Bottom Bag (2015) - Belly Bag: I'm Not Bottom Bag!! GAH!!
  26. Watermelon Gag (2015) - Rosie: Ha! What A Freak! Woman With Green Dress: GIVE US SOMETHING NEW! All The Childrens: (Laughs)
  27. Uncle Grandpa Babies (2015) - Baby Uncle Grandpa: (Crying) BABY LIKES BOTTLE!!
  28. Birdman (2015) - Uncle Grandpa: That Egg Must Be Right Over There. EGG?!?
  29. Uncle Grandpa Retires (2015) - Uncle Grandpa: I Got It! (Gasps) There She Goes! Mustache: Good Morning. Uncle Grandpa: (Sighs) Will Never Get-
  30. Fool Moon (2015) - Uncle Grandpa: AAAH!!
  31. Secret Santa (2015) - Uncle Grandpa: (Crying) He's Right! What Have We Become? I Was Get The Coolest Gift In The World For The Coolest Dude In The World. Pizza Steve!
  32. Nacho Cheese (2015) - Pizza Steve: PIZZA STEEEEVE-AH!!
  33. Mustache Tree (2015) - Uncle Grandpa: I'm Not Going To Be Here At Once. But I'm Hungry.
  34. The Little Mer-Tiger (2015) - Mr. Crustaceous: Bubble Grandpa Is Looking At Us! Pacific Cod Steve: It's True! There's No Way Get A Burger Before Midnight! He Turn You To The Boring Achieve Sea Slug.
  35. Ball Room (2015) - Mr. Gus: Do Not... Set... FOOT... In The Ball Room! If You Set FOOT In That Ball Room And THIS IS YOU!! YOU GOT THAT?!?
  36. Back To The Library (2015) - Uncle Grandpa: (Long Spits) 12 Cents?!? 12 CENTS?!?

List Of Episodes (2016)

  1. Uncle Easter (2016) - Uncle Grandpa: Taste It. Mr. Gus: Pretty Good! Uncle Grandpa: You Are A Real Chocolate King, Mr. Gus. Not Until You Save It For The Galaxy.
  2. King Gus (2016) - Uncle Grandpa: Oh, Just One More Thing. (Salvador And Rick Is Sobbing) Uncle Grandpa: Is It Refrigerator Running? Salvador And Rick: Yeah? Uncle Grandpa: What Are You Better Go The Kitchen? (Salvador And Rick Is Sobbing) Mr. Gus: (Sighs) Uncle Grandpa..
  3. The Uncle Grandpa Movie (2016) - Uncle Grandpa: Hey, Eddie! Roll The Camera! Eddie: You Got It, Uncle G!
  4. Lamestation (2016) - Mr. Gus: (Singing) The Power Of Oatmeal Is A Curious Thing!
  5. Space Oddity (2016) - Pizza Steve: Mr. Gus, I Got The Keys! Mr. Gus: Let Me Outta Here!
  6. Relaxation Land (2016) - Pizza Steve: I Was... Why But Uh... Om Nom Nom.... I Was... Nom Nom Noooo....
  7. Land Of The Lost Shadows (2016) - Pizza Steve: The Bunny. (Shadow Demon Growls And Roars)
  8. Pizza Eve (2016) - Mr. Gus: How About Tonight. Pizza Steve: Tonight? Mr. Gus: The Less, Of Course. You Don't Really Have A Girlfriend. Pizza Steve: Uhh... Mr. Gus: Come On, Uncle Grandpa Leaving Cook!
  9. The Return Of Aunt Grandma (2016) - Uncle Grandpa: No Friends, No Job, And No Purpose In My Life. What's The Point For Being Uncle Grandpa If I Can't Help People?
  10. Messy Bessy (2016) - Uncle Grandpa: Messy Bessy.
  11. Memory Foam (2016) - Pizza Steve: Ewwhateeneehooooo, Bleeeh!
  12. Even More Shorts (2016) - Stranger: All This Cheese, Disgusting!! Weird Man: (Singing) Just Like A Filling Cheese Stick Sandwich, Spray Cheeses By Biiiiiz. Stranger: Okay, OKAY! I Surrender To You!
  13. Fleas Help Me (2016) - Uncle Grandpa: Pretty Pleeeease? Flea: (Roars) (CRUNCH!) Charlie Burgers: YIPE!!
  14. Wicked Shades (2016) - Pizza Steve: Wicked Shades!
  15. In The Clouds (2016) - Uncle Grandpa: Here We Go Again!
  16. Jerky Jasper (2016) - Uncle Grandpa: It's Time To Get A Scolding.
  17. Dinosaur Day (2016) - Mr. Gus: No More Breakfast! (Giggles) No More Massages! NO... LASERS!! NO... MORE... DINOSAUR DAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!
  18. The Lepre Con (2016) - Uncle Grandpa: I Don't Know. It Takes The Gold For A Rainbow Trail To Follow A Lepre Con. NAAAAAHHH RRRRRRR.... I DEEEEAAAAAN!
  19. Uncle Fashion (2016) - Green Monster: That Was Absolutely Deeelicious!
  20. G'Day Morning (2016) - Uncle Grandpa: Oh! Ohhhhhhh!
  21. Fear Of Flying (2016) - Uncle Grandpa: Sandwich! Nooo! Come Back! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! Huh.
  22. Inventor Mentor (2016) - Uncle Grandpa: Can Grandpa We Trust.
  23. RV Olympics (2016) - Uncle Grandpa: RV OLYMPICS! AAAAAAAAH!!!!
  24. Uncle Melvins (2016) - Uncle Grandpa: Yes! What's A Roadie?
  25. Uncle Baseball (2016) - Uncle Grandpa: Let's Play Ball! WAIT, DON'T SWING!!!
  26. Costume Crisis (2016) - Uncle Grandpa: Good Morning. It's Halloween Night! (Raspberries)
  27. Uncle Grandpa Runs For President (2016) - Mr. Gus: The Key Broke!
  28. Chill Out (2016) - Uncle Grandpa: JOEY, WHY ARE YOU CRAZY?!?
  29. The Bike Ride (2016) - Pizza Steve: Ohhh, The Horror!
  30. Mr. Gus Moves Out (2016) - Mr. Gus: I Am Definitely Moving Out! I Can't Take It Anymore!
  31. Hiccup Havok (2016) - Uncle Grandpa: Stay Put And Wait For A Doctor. There's No Point Meeting Here.
  32. MacGriffin (2016) - Uncle Grandpa: I Hope I Get The Yellow One.
  33. Gone To His Head (2016) - Uncle Grandpa: (Deep Breathes In, Talks Slowly) Burn! Dang, I'm Really Good At This. (Uncle Grandpa Walks Away, Mr. Gus Burns A Eyes, Nose And Mouth)
  34. Pony Tale (2016) - Mr. George: You'll Be My Friend Forever.
  35. You Can't Handle The Tooth! (2016) Mr. Gus: Good Thing I've Chewing My Gums, We Can't Believe Of The Crocadincos. (Put Mouth Down)
  36. A Gift For Gus (2016) - Uncle Grandpa: Have You All See A Trogger?
  37. Robo-UG (2016) - Uncle Grandpa: I Think The Power Just Ran Out. BUT WHY?!?!?
  38. Lil' Mac (2016) - Mr. Gus: (Talking Fastly) WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON AROUND HERE?!? SOMETHING OKAY?!?
  39. Disappearing Act (2016) - Uncle Grandpa: WHAAAH!!! OOH!
  40. Tongue Tied (2016) - Uncle Grandpa: Well, Just What I Thought. Your Tongue Tied.
  41. Uncle Dummy (2016) - Mr. Gus: Mary Had A Little- (Coughs)
  42. Face Fix (2016) - Mr. Gus: Oh, Pickle Juice!
  43. Uncle Cupid (2016) - Uncle Grandpa: What Seems To Be The Problem There, Friend?
  44. The Phone Call (2016) - Pizza Steve: NOOO! Pizza Steve Is Too Young And Beautiful To DIE!! Uncle Grandpa: Maybe We Can Just Tied. Mr. Gus: That's So Cowardly! It Just Might Work!
  45. Doctor Visit (2016) - Uncle Grandpa: NEVER!!!
  46. Cake Mistake (2016) - Mr. Gus: Whoops Is Right! We Just Don't Know Where He Belong To Use! We Gotta Find Out Where The Message Said. Hmmmm....
  47. Sheep Deprivation (2016) - Uncle Grandpa: Shhhh! The Sheep Is In The Fridge. I Can Feel It.
  48. Trash Cat (2016) - Uncle Grandpa: Afwaid Of What? Trash Cat: Water? Uncle Grandpa: Pttt, Afa- AfA- AHAHAHAHAHA!!! (Laughs) A Cat Afraid Of Water?!? Now I've Seen Everything! But I Can Relate.

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