Under The Bushes, Under The Stars
Under The Bushes
Released 26/03/1996
Genre Indie Rock
Length 55:45
Label Matador
Catalog # OLE 161-2

Under the Bushes, Under the Stars is the 9th Guided By Voices album overall, and the final to feature the "classic" lineup including Tobin Sprout, Mitch Mitchell, and Kevin Fennel in addition to leader Robert Pollard. The album is noted as Guided by Voices' first stab at professionalism, being recorded in 24 track studios rather than their customary 4 track. Sessions for the album were reportedly ardurous, spread as they were across at least four studios and as many sets of producers, and many titles and configurations were vetted before a final sequence was reached.

The final 6 tracks on the CD do not appear on the album's back cover. These tracks, which were included as a separate 12" EP in the vinyl edition, were not originally included in the completed album sequence, having been dropped from earlier proposed versions of the album, but were included at the request of Matador label executives who regretted their exclusion.

Some of the working titles were: "The World Series of Psychic Phenomena", "Plantations of Pale Pink", "Under the Bushes, Under the Trees", "The Flying Party is Here"

Track listing

  1. "Man Called Aerodynamics" (2:01)
  2. "Rhine Jive Click" (1:34)
  3. "Cut-Out Witch" (3:04)
  4. "Burning Flag Birthday Suit" (2:22)
  5. "The Official Iron Men Rally Song" (2:48)
  6. "To Remake The Young Flyer" (2:48)
  7. "No Sky" (2:03)
  8. "Bright Paper Werewolves" (1:14)
  9. "Lord Of Overstock" (2:34)
  10. "Your Name Is Wild" (2:01)
  11. "Ghosts Of A Different Dream" (2:30)
  12. "Acorns & Orioles" (2:12)
  13. "Look At Them" (2:27)
  14. "The Perfect Life" (0:59)
  15. "Underwater Explosions" (2:02)
  16. "Atom Eyes" (1:42)
  17. "Don't Stop Now" (2:39)
  18. "Office Of Hearts" (2:06)
  19. "Big Boring Wedding" (3:43)
  20. "It's Like Soul Man" (2:09)
  21. "Drag Days" (2:50)
  22. "Sheetkickers" (3:17)
  23. "Redmen And Their Wives" (3:55)
  24. "Take To The Sky" (1:50)
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