Based on the movie Oliver and Company.

  • Sonic, Manic and Sonia as Oliver
  • Big as Dodger
  • Knuckles as Francis
  • Fang as Tito
  • Vector as Elinstein
  • Rotor as Rita
  • Vanilla as Fagin
  • Dr. Robotnik (SATAM) as Sykes
  • Bocoe and Decoe as Roscoe and DeSoto
  • Bunnie as Jenny
  • Antoine as Winston
  • Sally as Georgette
  • Shadow as Old Louie
  • a random echidna characters as Oliver's brother and sister
  • Bigfoot from A Goofy Movie as Mangy Dog
  • Danny from Cats Don't Dance as Dog on a leash
  • Mina and Tikal as Two female singing dogs
  • Various Hedgehogs as Other dogs on leashes
  • Clowns from Dumbo as Dogs watching Dodger amazed
  • Rouge as Woman in Red Volkswagon Beetle
  • Amy, Scratch, Grounder, Coconuts and Cream as Singing Dogs
  • Chaos as Singing Rats
  • Benny the Cab from Who Framed Roger Rabbit as Fagin's scooter
  • Frank from Cars as Sykes' car
  • and more

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