Version 1

  • Frisk as Charlie Bucket
  • Asgore as Grandpa Joe
  • Toriel as Willy Wonka
  • Temmies as The Oompa Loompas
  • Sans as Augustus Gloop (it was obvious XD)
  • Papyrus as Mrs Gloop (I know Papyrus is younger but I wanted him in the role)
  • Mettaton as Violet Beauregarde (Both are arrogant)
  • Napstablook as Mrs Beauregarde
  • Muffet as Veruca Salt (Muffet seems rather spoiled and is rather mean if she doesn't have money)
  • Grillby as Mr Salt
  • Undyne as Mike Teavee (Both are pretty violent)
  • Alphys as Mr Teavee

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