Unfair Science Fair is an episode of The Little Adventures of Bruno. It's a half-hour episode guest starring Maulik Pancholey, Aashna, Atul Rao, Nick Jain, Brian George and Veena Bidasha


Bruno and Ami help an Indian boy from East India named Swaroop Shukla to be able to get an A+ on the Science Fair by developing a multi-dimensional portal to Mars.

Guest voices

  • Maulik Pancholy - Swaroop Shukla
  • Aashna Patel - Ajee
  • Nick Jain - Balik Shukla
  • Brian George - Bharat Shukla
  • Veena Bidasha - Neela Shukla
  • Atul N. Rao - Wadi the Snake


  • This is the first episode to feature a full Indian guest cast.
  • Swaroop first appeared in the episode "The Runaways" in a role similar to that of Apache Chief.

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