The United Earth Regime is one of the leading powers in the universe of Void of Earth's Solar System. It controls the planet Earth, several orbital cities in Earth orbit, part of Earth's moon Luna, portions of the planets Mercury, Venus, and Mars, and part of the asteroid belt. It is a political and military rival of both the League of Planets and the Outworld Alliance and is more-or-less authoritaraian in it's system of government. The government of the Regime is based upon a classical one-party system, in which a single political organization has exclusive, monopoly control of the government. The ruling party, called the Earth Political Union, appoints the members of the Central Executive Council, Military Supreme Council, the High Court of the Regime and other judges, and the two houses of the Legislative Assembly. Of course, all the members of the aforementioned bodies belong to the Political Union. Of course, many people living under the United Earth Regime work to gain membership in the Earth Political Union in order to obtain a career in politics. Opposition to the continuing rule of the Political Union is illegal, and there is considerable censorship in the media and in educational institutions. On the other hand, there is some diversity of political opinion permitted to members of the Earth Political Union as long as they do not challenge the current one-party system. There are actually several rival factions competing for power within the Political Union.

While the central government of the Regime is appointed by the ruling party without even any formality of election, the local governments on Earth (in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Central and South Asia, East Asia, and Oceania), the near-Earth orbital cities, and in the Regime-controlled areas on Luna, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and in the asteroid belt are controlled by councils that are partially appointed by the Earth Political Union, but with the majority of council members selected in free elections. Candidates for local elected council seats are either official nominees of the ruling Political Union or run as independents. Anyone elected to the local councils are expected (required) to join the ruling party if they havn't already. Anywhere from 50 to 85 percent of successful council candidates elected are the official Political Union nominees. Most of the remaining successful council candidates successfully elected possess Political Union membership but run as independent candidates. Some council candidates run as independents and without membership in the ruling political party, but such people rarely succeed in getting elected to a local council.

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