The United God Movement is the dominate human religion in the Jumpweb of the Known Universe. It is the largest organized faith in the United Republic of Earth (though facing competition from local elements of the Solar Church of the Unconquered Sun), and the official religion of both the Mantis Lords and House Lionheart. It is a monotheistic faith with belief in one God, angels who serve God, and demons and devils who oppose God. It accepts the validity of the Judeo-Christian Bible, the Islamic Koran, the Taoist belief in masculine ying and feminie yang, and Hindu and Buddhist belief in reincarnation. Leadership of the religion is by the Holy Council of Archbishops based in Jerusalem in the former Israel on Earth. Ranks of the clergy from lowest to highest as follows: guru, deacon, iman, rabbi, ordinary priest, high priest, bishop, and archbishop. There are also monasteries affiliated with the United God Movement whoses male monks and female nuns are outside the regular clerical hierarchy, answerable only to the Holy Council of Archbishops. Conservatives in the United God Movement oppose artificial intelligence for robots and computers and hold that only humans should belong to their religion. Ultraconservatives in the religion are openly aligned with human-supremacist movements. Middle-of-the-road elements in the United God Movement reject A.I. for robots and computers, but accept the notion that aliens can convert to their faith and they oppose human-supremacist movements. Outright liberals in the United God Movement freely accept A.I. machines and fiercely promote missionary activites to convert aliens and even A.I.s to their religion. Ultraliberals in the United God Movement go further in attempting to promote a merger of their faith with the Solar Church of the Unconquered Sun's Greater Vehicle sect and subsects, even going as far as to identify their God with the Unconquered Sun. The United God Movement was founded in 300 B.R., about 3300 years before the present time and 300 years before the foundation of the United Republic of Earth in the year 1 N.E.

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