United Nanoteam (also known as The Fantastic Adventures of Eugene Jones and the United Nanoteam or Hetalia: The American Series or Hetalia: Aftermath) is a Canadian/American animated television series created by Larry Schwarz, with voice recordings done in Toronto animation firm Nelvana and some recorded in Cartoon Network Studios. This is Larry's first TV production with his new company, Larry and his Band. This series serves as the sequel to the anime series, Hetalia, as it shows the adventures of the characters' children.

The series is commisioned for two seasons. The series aired in June 25, 2013 at the "last day of school". Unlike the original series where it's focused on Italy, the main protagonist, it focuses on America's son, Eugene; similar to the 2008 Nutty Professor movie focusing on Jerry Lewis' characters' grandson (Drake Bell) instead of Lewis. The series ended in October 18, 2013 with 52 episodes.


This show was animated in Macromedia Flash by Larry Schwarz and his band, giving the show an anime style similar to Larry's Kappa Mikey on Nicktoons but the designs of the characters were modified for the resemblance of the original Hetalia series. Originally, Hetalia is a vulguristic and adult comedic anime series involving vulgar languages, sexual content and over-drug use. But, this show is for children and some footage edits were made to either use the edited footage of Hetalia or redraw the characters. But the characters' personalities and voices were retained. Nelvana, a company in Canada, did 50 percent of the voices and some of the character footage was shipped for editing and effects on CGI special effects such as explosions or shots.

Originally a June 1, 2013 pilot was made featuring character differences since Nelvana was not included in the project yet but same voices and plot. On June 15, 2013; a movie known as Eugene Jones: American Hero was released on DVD for stores to serve as the pilot for the series. This later influenced Cartoon Network to order episodes as an actual series. 

The show takes place in the 1982-87, meaning it takes place forty years after the events of Hetalia. This allows actors to use library music from the decade to be used in the show; including songs from the early and late 1990s and early 2000s.

The series gained a third season which premiered in August 30, 2013. The season features a new plot involving the Axis Rebels and introduces an additional member of the cast; George Takei as Doctor Dee. 28 episodes have been ordered to fortill the ordered 52 episodes.

The series has been cancelled as the producers decided to stop production of the series as to them; 52 episodes were enough. Production started in June and ended in October. The last episode, Times Change, was produced in Flash and was not shown until a week later.


Taken place years after the original Hetalia series, presumably during the 1980s since the soundtrack and the styles of the clothing and attitudes of the character indicate the decade, this show is about Eugene Jones, the son of America (Alfred F. Jones) who is the leader of a superhero teenage team called the Nanoteam to protect their city of Nanoworld located in San Francisco. They must defend the world from the Axis Rebels; teenagers who are still in the idea of Nazi democracy, the Purple Dragons; a street gang and other people.

During the third season, the Axis Rebels have developed an addiction donuts recipe that whoever eats it, will become slaves of the rebels. They start to control the Nanoteam until a professor named Doctor Dee who was a doughnut victim comes to the remaining Nanoteam and give them superpowers. The Plager returns as the new main antagonist and including the evil Black Blood of the North who tries to take over the minds of young heroes.


United Nanoteam

The main characters of the series. They are a team of superheroes that often work for the Nanoworld Police Department often investigating clues and saving the world but also enjoy their teenage antics and acitivities.

Eugene "Gene" Jones

  • Voiced by: Phil LaMarr (impersonating Chris Rock)
  • Country: New York City, New York, United States
  • Favorite food: Cheeseburgers and soda

A funky and zealous teenage boy with a little respect for authority and rules. The son of the energetic Alfred F. Jones or America, he goes over the top and acts street to remain cool as possible. He has the worst record for almost causing the town in great danger causing him to be suspended for unnesssesary force and being put in out-of-the-way patrols. Like his father, he has an alien living his house named Jack. Unlike his father, he is not afriad of ghosts and even copies the Ghostbusters' phrase "I ain't afraid of no ghost". He gained the superabilities to fly and using heat rays when he drank the toxin made by Doctor Dee.

Doctor Hiroyoko Dee

  • Voiced by: George Takei
  • Country: Okinawa
  • Favorite food: Rice and donuts

An Okinawan scientist who was a victim of the donut addiction created by Hans and the Axis Rebels but has fought off the addiction and rebelled all of the forces. Some of his inventions and ideas often cause destruction to the town causing him to be in debt of alots of money, which is why he wears a dog-suit in disguise to avoid all of his creditors, including his pickle-headed landlord who is eight months overdue rent; and the zipper of the suit is stuck leaving him to pretend to be his pet dog, even developing a toxin that made him part dog to the point where he speaks. He does not like to have his past mentioned ("No need to repeat that information"). He developed a toxin that would give people superpowers. The only condition is that they have to be free and clean of the donut addiction in order for it to work. Otherwise, it could resent to disasterous results such as over controlling attacks and fire breathing. Doctor Dee sometimes drinks the toxin but remembering the side effect. He created a scuba-diving robot named Uno as his assistant.

Eliza Kirkland

  • Voiced by: Tara Strong
  • Country: London, England
  • Favorite food: Tea and crumpets

The right hand woman and best friend of Eugene Jones. She is the daughter of Britian/United Kingdom/London and unlike her father, she was actually born in London. She is polite, plays by the book and speaks in a soft Cockney accent. She does not like violence and lacks any ideas on becoming street like Gene. But she takes up for it with her adorable nature and her British mannerism. She gained the ability to drive and have x-ray vision because of Doctor Dee's formula.

Vinchinzo "Vince" Bonnefoy

  • Voiced by: Rebe Auberjonais (first episode), Rob Paulsen (present)
  • Country: Paris, France
  • Favorite food: Coffee, baguettes, croissants and crepe suzette

A self proclaimed laides man and hairdresser. He is the son of France or Francis Bonnefoy, and has inherited his father's good looks and narcissism. He often makes fun of people for their horrible looks, but he is not a terrible creature as he often helps his friends if they are out of a jam. Vince is also a protector of his cousin, Mario who is the son of Italy.

Honorary Nanoteams

Warriors East

A team of misfit members of the Nanoteams who were worthless until Vince came in and saved the day.

  • Oceanboy: A boy who can breathe through water and can talk to fish. He is a parody of Aqualad and his appearance is based on Marine Boy.
  • Speedydot: An archer with a golden plate of arrows that act as heat seekers. His bow was made by Ares, god of war. He is a parody of Speedy and his name is based on Greendot pre-paid credit cards.
  • Hornetgirl: A sassy girl who loves punk rock music and serves as the defacto leader of the gang when Vince is not around. She knows about the technological gadgets in the tower.
  • Cinco y Seis: Twins from Venezuela who only speak Spanish and can move at high speeds when they high five each other. They are based on Mas y Menos and there names mean Five and Six in Spanish. There appearances are based on Devo.

Koko and Ugg

  • Voiced by: Lauren Tom (Koko) and Tom Kenny (Ugg).
  • Country: North Island
  • Favorite food: Snow

Two best friends living in North Island suriving themselves. Koko is a Cantonese girl who speaks fluent Chinese and has the ability to make herself solid as stone. Her friend Ugg is a Neanderthal man who only says his name but is translated by Koko. He is based on Ugh from Dino Boy.

=Chickety Wheels

  • Voiced by: Tara Strong
  • Country: Canberra, Australia
  • Favorite food: Shrimp on the barbie

An Australian roller blader and skater who can move faster than the speed of light and became Anubis' girlfriend and reason why he came to the side of good. She speaks in a heavy Australian accent.

=Tiny Warriors

These are the youngest members; all children who Eliza babysit and they had superpowers of there own. They are all voiced by Tara Strong.

  • Melanie: The oldest; age 8. She has a vivid imagination and created her teddy bear/bodyguard Robby who is stronger as a real bear.
  • BIlly: The middle kid; age 4. Seen cuddling on his blanket and whines alot but can do sonic screeches.
  • Teetoo: The youngest; age 12 months. Seen sucking on a pacifier and has the ability to eat medal and shoot it out like bullets.

Former Nanotown Members

Sven Braginski

  • Voiced by: Maurice LaMarche, Tom Kenny (one episode)
  • Country: Moscow, Russia
  • Favorite food: Pirozhki and Orange soda (parodying Soda Popinski from Punch-Out!!)

A soft spoken and less intimidating man who is a librarian. The son of Russia aka Ivan Braginski, he is a pacifist and does not believe in violence. But he does have a dark side if anybody messes with him. Tom Kenny filled in for Maurice LaMarche in one episode when he did not make it to the recording session. Sven is also a talented musician.

Jinmay Wang

  • Voiced by: Lauren Tom
  • Country: Beijing, China
  • Favorite food: Noodles and green tea cake

A Chinese girl who is a scammer, moocher and a con artist. The daughter of bootlegger hermit China, she loves cheating and mooching off other people and loves eating noodles especially free, similar to Wimpy from Popeye. Jinmay also tries to scam people off of there money and is very greedy but she is very loyal to her friends.

Berriloom Williams

  • Voiced by: Stephanie Anne Mills
  • Country: Montreal, Canada
  • Favorite food: Maple syrup, Nanaimo bars, Baked beans, Roast turkey

An outdoor girl who loves going to the woods. The daughter of Canada or Matthew Williams, she is always seen with a pacifier or bottle in her mouth as it comforts her when she is stressing. She loves playing hockey and loves the cold similar to Sven but she always wants to pick a fight. She can be pushed very easily and loves going to arguments. She mostly argues with her cousin, Eugene. She is mostly seen with a hat that sports a skull similar in design to Duncan from Total Drama and Eric from Sidekick wore in their shirts and Corey from Grojband wear in his hat; all Canadian television shows produced by the same creator.

Axis Rebels

The children of the original Axis Powers, these troublemaking teenagers are the main antagonists of the series. Build with high technology and alien science, they developed supernatural techniques to be able to take out their enemies.

Hans Beilschmidt

  • Voiced by: Billy West
  • Country: Berlin, Germany
  • Favorite food: Bratwurst, wienerschnitzels and potatoes with root beer

The leader of the Axis Rebels who rules with an iron fist. An on and off hothead, he controls the gang and makes sure they obey each and every order he commences. The son of Axis Powers leader Germany, he inherits almost all of his genes. Despite this, he has a soft tender side being a baker like his father. He also has a love for chocolate cake.

Toshi Honda

  • Voice actor: Daisuke Suzuki
  • Country: Tokyo, Japan
  • Favorite food: Sushi and tea

Hans' second and command who is a nice person but is also as tough as nails. The son of Japan (Kiku Honda), he only speaks Japanese, making him one of the few characters to only speak there native language. He is easy annoyed by Mario, the son of Italy. Similar to his father, he never says Yes to anything, always replying with "No". Toshi is also a fan of animal life.

Mario Vagas

  • Voice actor: Benjamin Diskin
  • Country: Napoli, Italy
  • Favorite food: Pasta and pizza

The third member of the Axis Rebels and is the weakest and comedic member of the team. He is easily frightened and often cries for help. The son of the show's original protagonist, Italy, he is exactly like his father in every way. Mario does know how to defend himself but only at short term causes. Mario is also a fan of video games.

Nanotown Police Department

They are a fictional police department and detective agency located in Nanotown, San Francisco, United States. They are the ones who are in charge of the Nanoteam and monitering their duties. But, they are as luckless in saving the town themselves. The three main officers are the children of the three Balistic states.

Mayor Zigfried Reed von Blok

  • Voiced by: William Shanter
  • Country: Tallinn, Estonia
  • Favorite food: Meat and potatoes

The mayor of Nanotown at the age of 21, and the son of Estonio (Eduard von Blok); the oldest of the Balistic states. He cares more about his re-election with Tom (son of Balarus) than about everyone's lives. He is lazy, pompous and greedy as he cares about the trip to Buffalo, New York too much. He always blames most stuff on Eugene for his poorness.

Chief Herve Galente

  • Voiced by: Jim Cummings
  • Country: Riga, Latvia
  • Favorite food: Meat and fish

The top chief police officer of the Nanotown Police Department and the personal second in command with Zigfried and is the son of Lativa (Ravis Galente). Unlike his father, he is hard-headed and is not much sensitive and is cranky but he tries his best to save the town if Eugene does not get in the way. He is also a master of canasta often challenging Sven into matches but loses.

Secretary Leah Laurinaitis

  • Voiced by: Cree Summer
  • Country: Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Favorite food: Truffle mushrooms

The mayor's personal secretary and Eugene's crush; the daughter of Lithuania aka Toris Laurinaitis. Despite being from Lithuania, she speaks with an African American accent and some Czechoslovakian vocabulary. Otherwise, she loves hip hop culture and has a relationship with Sven. Unlike her father, she is outspeaking and street smart. She is mostly seen with roller skates and headphones but is also seen with a suit.

Purple Dragons

A league of gang members often hanging out with the streets tormenting people and stealing there money. They are the children of the Nordic states. They have light green skin and have tattos of a purple dragon on there arms. They are based on the Gangreen Gang from the Powerpuff Girls. Even there voice actors did their voices.


  • Voiced by: Scottie Ray
  • Country: Hong Kong
  • Favorite food: Gyoza

A muscle bounded Chinese warrior who later becomes the new leader of the Purple Dragons after defeating Ace. He is similar to Hun from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In the third season, he gained a scar in his right eye and a tiger tatoo in his right muscular arm to stimulate his strength growth during the past year.

Magnus "Ace" Køhler

  • Voiced by: Jeff Glen Bennett
  • Country: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Favorite food: Danishes with root beer and slushies

The former leader of the gang, who is the son of Denmark. Similar to his father, he is loud, obnoxious and jerk-like as to abuse some of his minions. He is known for his sunglasses and his black leather jacket and his sweat pants and The Mole sneakers.

Bjorn "Snake" Väinämöinen

  • Voiced by: Tom Kenny
  • Country: Helsinki, Finland
  • Favorite food: Salmiakki and taffy

Ace's second in command and is also the son of Tino Vainamoinen, also known as Finland. He gained the name for his right eye being from a snake after Eugene blasted his original eye. He speaks in a snake like lisp. Unlike his father, he is often annoying and complaining too much about everything and always questions authority influencing Ace to punch him in the face.

Dennis Steilsson

  • Voiced by: Tom Kenny
  • Country: Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Favorite food: Hakarl with coffee

An Icelandic midget and one of the occasional extra helpers. The son of Emil Steilsson (Iceland), he speaks with a Mexican accent and has an overbite with sharp fangs. He is actually kind but has been influenced by the gang to be as tough as he can be. Dennis does not have much history since he does not have major roles.

Yope Bondevik

  • Voiced by: Jeff Bennett
  • Country: Oslo, Norway
  • Favorite food: Stockfish and rock candy

The mysterious member of the group who is the son of Norway. Yope has little to no emotions and is the muscle of the group but still obeys the orders of Ace since Ace has supernatural powers that Yoe does not have. Despite his loyalty, he finds Ace annoying and really hates him but has no choice but to obey him. Yope is cousins with Dennis making their friendship very awkward.

Jericho "Jonah" Dorkenschit Oxenstierna

  • Voiced by: Rodger Craig Smith
  • Country: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Favorite food: Surströmming with soda

The last member, and the only one not to be voiced by Jeff Bennett or Tom Kenny, who is the son of Sweden. Dressed up in the style of Bob Dylan complete with Ray Ban Wayfer sunglasses and headband, he is one of the most serious members. He is the only one with muscular build. He likes both Eugene and Eliza wanting to marry both of him; hinting he is bisexual unlike his father who is homosexual.

Sand Bandits

A league of sand bandits that serves as the anti-heroes of the series. They are sometimes with or against the protagonist; but they are the children of the Mediterranean Europe and North African countries.

Anubis Muhammad Osiris Hassan

  • Voiced by: Peter Oldring
  • Country: Cairo, Egypt
  • Favorite food: Honeycakes

The leader of the Sandbandits. Speaking in a parody of Cary Grant, he owns the Spinx Cycle which can move at top speed. He always carries a metal guitar that can spill out ancient Egyptian curses melodies affecting people. Unlike his father, he speaks far too often. He is the son of Egypt (Gupta Muhammad Hassan).

Icarus Deadalus "Iggy" Karpusi

  • Voiced by: Mark Rendall
  • Country: Athens, Greece
  • Favorite food: Ambrosia

The son of Greece; he is a muscular teenager who actually adores philosophy and science. He serves as the brains of the Sand Bandits and often uses scientific methods in doing crimes rather than using his muscles. He is named after Icarus and Deadalus; father-son legends in Greek mythology and his appearance is based on Disney's variation of Icarus from Hercules: The Animated Series.

Armando Ramone "Gaylord" Carriedo

  • Voiced by: Marco Grazzini
  • Country: Madrid, Spain
  • Favorite food: Tomaotes and churros

A poor teenager who is the son of Spain. Being poor, he is too generous and does not care about money; all he cares out is the good sake of others. He steals from the rich and gives to the poor similar to Robin Hood behind the bandits' backs.



  • Voiced by: Danny Cooksey
  • Country: Havana, Cuba
  • Favorite food: Ice cream

A muscular surfer and the son of Cuba. He enjoys ice cream but is allergic to it causing him to swell up. Similar to his father, he has fights with Eugene a lot often but is friends with Berriloom and has a crush on her. Golagola has the ability to transform into a werefish.

The Mole (Gunter Edelstein)

  • Voiced by: Peter Oldring
  • Country: Vienna, Austria
  • Favorite food: Cake and Money (for counting; not eating)

A hustler man, who is the son of Austria. Speaking in a Russian accent, he often makes deals with the characters in exchange for cash. He is a sinister and has masted the technique of the piano, just like his father. He is also cheap like his father when spending money. He gives any one the hardest punishment (even himself) if anyone rats on him.

Bazyli "Chill" Lukasiewicz

  • Voiced by: Johnathan Adams
  • Country: Warsaw, Poland
  • Favorite food: Paluzki

The presumably son of Poland, who despite being from Poland, speaks in an African American accent (although he does shout out Polish words during the chickenpox fights). He is a gambler and hipster who was originally a criminal but has changed his ways and signed up for the Virus Protection Program. Ever since then, he only rats out on influenza viruses but was threatened by Eliza to squeal about Terax's (movie only character) hideout.

Bruiser Héderváry

  • Voiced by: Rob Paulsen
  • Country: Budapest, Hungary
  • Favorite food: Not known

One of the minions of the deceased Tony Zwingli; a Swiss tomboss who was murdered by Terax in the movie. Speaking in a Brooklyn accent and wearing a fedora, he served with Terax throughout the movie until Terax killed him for suggesting about incubating for a while. He maybe the son of Hungary from the original series.

Tom Arlovskaya

  • Voiced by: Howie Mandel
  • Country: Minsk, Belarus
  • Favorite food: Fruits and vegetables; all healthy dishes

The possible son of Belaus, he is the opponent of Mayor Zigfried in the re-election of Nanotown. Unlike Zigfried, he is more skinny, clean cutted and proposes a healthier Nanotown without the open dumps and city wastelands. His last name was revealed in the audition tape. He is a movie-only character.


  • Voiced by: Jaleel White
  • Country: Outer space (unknown planet)
  • Favorite food: Cola and cheeseburgers

An extraterrestrial from another planet who is the son of America's alien, Tony. Similar to his father, Jack came to live with Gene (America's son) but this time, it was during the Rendlesham Forest incident than the Roswell incident. Similar to his father, he hates Eliza (England's daughter) and calls her a "Mary Poppin", a "Scullury Made" or a "Limey Whimp".

Other villains

Agent McGuffin

  • Voiced by: Christopher Reed
  • Country: Dublin, Ireland
  • Favorite food: None

An undercover agent who tries to steal the plans of the secret deadly woman developed by the Naoteam. Seen with only eyepatch, he is one of the most powerfulest villains besides Hans, Anubis, The Plager and Black Blood. He died in the 38th episode Koko where he was killed by Koko Chin and Ugg the Caveman during a battle. His eyepatched eye is actually a heat sensing device that can suck up any stone and use the defenses to attack anyone.


  • Voiced by: Diedrich Bader
  • Country: Hollywood, California
  • Favorite food: Protein shakes

An athlete wizard with the ability to master any sport and use his sports equiptment as weapons. His mannerism and appearance is based on Rex from Napoleon Dynamite, even voiced by the actor Diedrich Bader; also copying his catchphrase "Bow to your sensei". He died in the 40th episode Machspeed from a car crash during the race.


  • Voiced by: Kevin Richardson
  • Country: USA
  • Favorite food: Flesh

A skeleton demon with the appearance similar to Skeletor from He-Man. Hench the name, he has the ability to copy any technique just by looking at the person. He has a lair featuring skeleton henchman and wields lasers. He died in the 40th episode Machspeed from a car crash during the race.

Stickety Lippid

  • Voiced by: Rob Paulsen
  • Country: Sucre, Bolivia
  • Favorite food: Fast foods

A beatnik mutant with the ability to squirt fat out of his arms. Dressed in bohemian beatnik attire, he often plays the bongos and speaks only in rhyme. He tries to grab all of the fat kids around the world to crush Nanotowm as art. He calls himself an artist without realizing that he's doing a crime. He died in the 40th episode Machspeed from a car crash during the race.

=Black Blood of the North

  • Voiced by: Ron Perlman.
  • Country: Unknown
  • Favorite food: Wontons.

The leader of a secret splinter cell high school known as the Splinter Cell, where people are trained to become the evilest people in the world. Black Blood has the power to control someone's blood at will whenever he wants. Black Blood tried to go after Chickety Wheels and Anubis for there disobedience. But he was later killed on the spot for his powers were drained away.

The Plager

  • Voiced by: Stephan Hawking
  • Country: United States
  • Favorite food: None.

A demonic being soul who was thought off as a nightmare from Eugene but turns out to be an evil spirit who hunted for dreams and bleeded for nightmares. He only spoke in screams for the second season but spoke, in robotic voice by Hawking, in the third season. He terrorized the village until in 1942 where Eliza (time traveled) created a synthetic device to trap him in a chromedome sealing his soul. The prison was released fifty percent; allowing him to gain function but loses his ability to escape the robotic brain body. As such he is being pushed around by his gorilla aupair, Mannah Mannah Roy and has his league of villains to do what he says. He is one of the most evilest villains of all time.

Mannah Mannah Roy

  • Voiced by: John DiMaggio
  • Country: Africa
  • Favorite food: Bananas and fruits

The primate au pair of The Plager who serves him in every way possible. He is often the muscle but speaks in a sophisticated Shakespearian voice. He died from the toxic explosion during his mission to capture the Tiny Warriors.


  • Voiced by: Courtland Taylor
  • Country: New York, USA
  • Favorite food: Pizza

A nerdy 17-year old boy who is a Star Trek fan who is after the Nanoteam and Warriors East for his collection of Star Trek movies being destroyed by one of there battles. He created a super-enhanced remote control that can control anything or everything.

Madame Rough

  • Voiced by: Lauren Tom
  • Country: Moscow, Russia
  • Favorite food: Vodka

An elastic woman who speaks with a heavy Russian accent and is working for The Plager and the Axis Rebels.

Dang Dong Daddy

  • Voiced by: Kevin Michael Richardson
  • Country: USA
  • Favorite food: Unknown

A deal time racer who often takes away valuable possessions and uses them as prizes for his races. He owns a league of diminutive demons known as the Linglings that help him cheat in races.

Johnny Retchit

  • Voiced by: John DiMaggio
  • Country: New Jersey, USa
  • Favorite food: Canolli

A biker-themed artist who loves destroying property and makes fun of Gene for being a "stupid little kid". Despite his attitude and appearance, he knows alot about the supernatural and figured out how the destruction in reality works and took over the city transforming himself into a hellish version of himself but was defeated by Joco and Gene once again.

Episode List

Season 1: 2013

Episode Number Episode Title Episode Description Original Air Date
0 Hetalia: Next Generation This was a pilot episode produced by Larry Schwarz in June 1, 2013 with no help from Nelvana whatsoever. He did the animation all in his own studio and the characters had a different unique anime style and character designs but the plot and some of the voices stayed the same. This episode is about America's son, Gene, trying to regain a magic crystal stolen by Germany's son, Hans.

Note: Zack Shada voiced Eugene instead of Chris Rock or Phil LaMarr. Lacey Chabert voices Eliza while the rest of the actors stayed the same. Almost all of the characters had different designs. This pilot never aired or was released.
June 1, 2013 (production finished)
0 Eugene Jones: American Hero The movie produced for the release of the series. Done by Larry Schwarz and His Band for beta testing. It was later released in direct-to-DVD movie. It uses a slightly different animation than the series. This film takes place 40 years after the events of the Hetalia series, taking place in the 1980s, focusing the adventures of America's son Eugene Jones as he is partnered up with Britian's daughter Eliza to defeat an evil criminal from destroying the town who goes by the name of Terax (voice of Laurence Fishburne).

Note: Terax was the later inspiration for Hans, the son of Germany. This is the first appearance of Eugene, Eliza, Chill, Chief, Mayor and Leah; all of them are children of America, Britian, Poland, Lativa, Estonia and Lithuania. This was also the first episode to feature Chris Rock as the voice of Eugene and the last film to feature Chabert as the voice of Eliza.
June 15, 2013
1 Axis Powers After taking care of an evil bad guy, Eugene and Eliza find out that a new villain has came in town. The villain is Hans, the son of Germany who has formed a new villains group called the Axis Rebels with the sons of Japan and Italy.

Note: This is the last episode to feature any appearance or mention of the original Hetalia characters until two more episodes later. This is the first appearance of the Axis Rebels and the first appearance of Vince, son of France. For budgeting problems, Eugene is voiced by Phil LaMarr and Eliza was voiced by Tara Strong.
June 25, 2013
2 You Shouldn't Russian On Your Work! Eugene, Eliza and Vince are stopping Mario, the son of Italy, from blowing up the Empire State Building where they encounter a librarian named Sven who is the son of Russia. Russia does not want to fight but realizes he has too when he knows that an attack is going to happen on his library. June 26, 2013
3 Chopsticks! Eugene gets a report on the Axis Powers' attacks on Beijing where they meet a con artist girl named Jinmay, the daughter of China. As she takes care of the animals and steals food, she is captured by Toshi, the son of Japan. But Toshi's capturing isn't worth it when those two argue too much. Meanwhile, Eliza travels to Quebec where she meets a Canadian girl named Berriloom who is actually Eugene's cousin (she is Canada's daughter as well) who is the toughest girl in Montreal and knows how to beat Toshi.

Note: This episode introduces two new characters; Berriloom; daughter of Canada and Jinmay, daughter of China. China (Yao Wang) makes an appearance himself too, with Clarine Harp reprising his role.
June 27, 2013
4 The Purple Dragons After parole ending, they go to their favorite restaurant where they realize that a street gang known as the Purple Dragons terrorize the owner Mr. Yamaguchi (voice of Keone Young) and the shop but they stop the bad guys. What they do not realize is that they are the children of the Nordic Europe states and are deep hard troublemakers.

Note: The Purple Dragons are a parody of the Purple Dragons from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but are heavingly based on the Gangreen Gang from the Powerpuff Girls; with their actors voicing them.
June 28, 2013
5 General Montage A French soldier in the style of Napoleon Bonaparte named General Montage uses a special potion that multiplies himself. With the multiplying potion, he is able to use the army to take over Nanotown. June 29, 2013
6 Politically Corruption Mayor von Bouk is entering another re-election with scientist Seymour Suoh from Asia and Eugene and Eliza join on Suoh's side to take down Mayor von Bouk. But what they don't know is that Seymour is creating an elixer that gives him super strength to murder Bouk. How can they stop him? June 29, 2013
7 Bad Hair Day / Wild Child Bad Hair Day: Golagola, a Cuban surfer dude, gets gum stuck in his hair. Eugene gives him a haircut and now his haircut becomes a fashion trend. Eventually, Hans wants one too.

Wild Child: Eugene gets captured in the Lollipopian village and loses his sanity enough to become a feral child.

Note: This is the first 11-minute episodes and the first episode to consist of two episodes instead of one. This is also the first appearance of Golagola, the son of Cuba.
June 30, 2013
8 X A team of anti-heroes and vigilanties known as the Sand Bandits arose from the air to steal a valuable chemical from the science lab to increase there strength and Eugene tries to stop them by becoming the Nightwatcher; the only one with powers enough to defeat the Sand Bandits.

Note: This is the first appearance of the Sand Bandits.
June 30, 2013
9 Toon Up the Volume Hans creates an International Network that let's go several cartoons from television series into the real world. Now, Eugene must stop them before it's too late.

Note: Nancy Cartwright reprises her role as Bart Simpson, Sarah Gordon reprises her role as Ruby Gloom, Jesus Guzman reprises himself as El Chavo and Godinez, Rowan Atkinson reprises his role as Mr. Bean, Matthew Gezcy reprises his role as Odd from Code Lyoko and Diedrich Bader reprises his role as Batman. This is the first episode to make pop culture references.
July 1, 2013
10 Bye Bye Nerdy Eugene and Eliza have to guard a nerd named Rasputtin which Hans and the Axis Rebels are after because of his unique power.

Note: Rasputtin is based on Napoleon Dynamite; even sporting Heder's attitude and phrases.
July 2, 2013
11 Thank You Very Much Eugene is being challenged by a martial artist named ELroy Prescott who is the son of Elvis Presley. Meanwhile, Mario tries to go against Hans orders.

Note: Elroy is based on Presley, but has attitudes of Lil' Elvis and the Truckstoppers.
July 3, 2013
12 Balzakelga The Sand Bandits snack out in a convinence store and they get blasted by a magic beam giving them superpowers. July 4, 2013
13 Bravo Size Me A rich gluttonous Austrian kid named Augustus Goo has been kidnapped by a plaque convered beatnik named Stickety Lippid who plans to cover the town with all fat kids to block traffic to destroy the town. July 5, 2013
14 The McGuffin Mystery The Nanoteam is under a new villain known as Agent McGuffin with supernatural powers un-imagined. He steals the plans for the atomic weapon and now they must get it back. July 6, 2013
15 Taskmaster A demon skeleton named Taskmaster comes from the dead to attack the villagers and its up for the Nanoteam to stop him. July 7, 2013
16 Sick Day / Peppers Sick Day: Gene gets swine flu and is unable to battle the Axis Rebels.

Peppers: Jinmay eats a ghost pepper that crushes her throat, leaving her mute. Which is a problem because she cant tell the gang about the Purple Dragon attack.
July 8, 2013
17 Not Human Vince gets intoxicated with a chemical that turns him into a beast. Season finale July 9, 2013

Season 2: 2013

Presented in better high quality animation. It stars off with an hour length season premiere.

Episode Number Episode Title Episode Description Original Air Date
18 Enemy from the Beast Eugene Jones comes in contact with the deadliest beat known to man; known as the Plaguer. He must find the Jem of Stoneage to destroy the Plaguer. June 11, 2013
19 Fight Fire with Sand The Axis Rebels meet with the Sand Bandits who make a deal to capture the remaining amounts of xenothium located in the Nanoworld Museum. June 12, 2013
20 Cheeseburgers / Bathroom Break Cheeseburgers: The Nanoteam make a bet that Gene cant go through 24 hours without a burger.

Bathroom Break: The bathroom broke down so Gene has to find another place to pee.
June 13, 2013
21 Bumblebee Flee Gene is trying to catch a bumblebee.

Note: This episode continues to The Plaguer.
June 15, 2013
22 The Plaguer Gene has a nightmare about the Plaguer which he finds the Mystical Book of Enchantments and gives it to the soul of the multi-hand man Aggorie which is actually a trap done by the Plauger.

Note: This episode continues to Eugene Jones / Berriloom Williams
June 16, 2013
23 Eugene Jones / Berriloom Williams Two part episode with the same plot; just different titles. Gene is stuck in a alternative timeline where the first World War never happened and peace comes to the world until the Plaguer comes back and then Berriloom time travels to 1942 in the World Wars meeting Alfred Jones (America) and Matthew Williams (Canada) to find the technology used to defeat the Plaguer. June 17, 2013
24 The Axis Rebels Meet the Purple Dragons Hun, the leader of the Purple Dragons, agrees to have his team work for the Axis Rebels causing problems with the others. June 18, 2013

Season 3: 2013

Episode Number Episode Title Episode Description Original Air Date
25 Rise of the Donuts The Axis Rebels strike there most diabolical plan whatsoever. They create a megacorporation of producing addictive donuts, and it controls the mind of who ever eats it. The ingredients also disrupts the bowls turning everyone into mindless zombies. Most of the Nanoteam is powerless from eating the donuts except for Eliza and Eugene. That is until they meet a scientist named Dr. Dee, a former victim of the addiction, who developed a toxin to give donut-freed people superpowers. This marks the beginning of a new adventure.

Note: Second season premiere and first episode to air at a new timeslot 7:00am in the weekdays. First appearance of Dr. Dee and Uno.
August 30, 2013
26 Dog Gone Dr. Dee goes missing and Eugene and Eliza must find him.

Note: First episode with the new opening sequence.
September 2, 2013
27 Crud Burger / Back to School Crud Burger: Eliza and Eugene eat at a new burger restaurant which is a trap by Stickety.

Back to School: A teacher named Miss Lipstick tries to discipline Eliza and Eugene by sending them back to school.

Note: First episodes to not feature the Purple Dragons, the Axis Rebels, Dr. Dee, Uno or the rest of the Nanoteam.
September 3, 2013
28 Dragon Donuts The Purple Dragons hijack the Donut Factory run by the Axis Rebels and are in a sticky predicament..September 4, 2013
29 Reality A magic imp living inside Gene's head known as Senoj Enegue (Eugene Jones spelled backwards) pops out to cure Gene's broken arm from an incident with devil biker Johnny Retchit but his magic finger is broken causing reality to get messed up.September 5, 2013
30 Warriors East Vince, one of the donut addicted Nanoteam members who's allergic reaction to the donuts made him cured and clean of the addiction, travels alone to the misfit Warriors East in order to train them to stop the upcoming Malevous One, Black Blood of the North.

Note: This episode continues to Secrets Revealed.
September 6, 2013
31 Secrets Revealed Now that Warriors East has been fully developed, Vince finds out that the Warriors East are just spies for Black Blood to take down Vince.

Note: This episode continues to Geek Code 101
September 9, 2013
32 Geek Code 101 A geek known as Fanboy is after the Nanoteam but stumbles upon Warriors East headquarters and decides to make a challenge for them.

Note: Guest voice of Courtland Taylor as Fanboy.
September 10, 2013
33 The Doop Patrol Eugene wasen't originally a worker for the Nanoteam Police Department. He was also a member of an underfighting team known as the Doop Patrol led by Shocker, Robot Man, Sinestro and Rubbergirl. They realize that the Plager has returned.September 11, 2013
34 Hurtalia Dr. Dee develops a time machine to the period where it was the day before the donut addiction starts. Eugene spills juice all over it transporting them to the setting of the original Hetalia series in 1942 meeting the original Hetalia US armed forces; Alfred Jones (America), Matthew Williams (Canada), Francis Bonnefoy (France) and Kirk Thornland (England) where they face an eviler foe, Ludwig (Germany) who is Hans' dad.September 12, 2013
35 Combined Forces Black Blood decides to join forces with the Plager and the Axis Rebels serve as the undercover forces. Russian shapeshifter Madame Rough decides to target on the young new members, Hotshot with the power of fire.September 13, 2013
36 Snowbound One a mission to Russia, Eliza meets a young man distinctive cousin to Sven named Load Star who has a dark secret.

Note: Guest voice of Jerry Jewell, the voice of Russia in the original Hetalia, as Load Star.
September 16, 2013
37 Koko Dr. Dee sends the team on a mission to the North Sound where a girl named Koko who speaks Chinese and her bodyguard Ugg the Caveman are being hunted down by Agent McGuffin.

Note: Final appearance of Agent McGuffin as he was killed by Koko and Ugg.
September 17, 2013
38 Three Kids and an Eliza Eliza is stuck on baby sitting duty with a creative girl named Melanie, a whining brat named Billy and a binky-sucking baby named Teetoo. But they have special powers no one ever has which is why Mannah Mannah Roy wants them for the Plager.

Note: Final appearance of Mannah Mannah Roy since he was destroyed by the toxic funes.
September 18, 2013
39 Mondo a Gogo The Sand Bandits leader Anubis falls in love with a girl named Chickety Wheels who has super speed ability as him, but is a good guy and tries to take him to that path. But what they don't know is that Black Blood is after them.

Note: Final appearance of Black Blood of the North as all of his powers have been drained away and left him as a skeleton. This is also the final episode where the Sand Bandits are antagonists as Anubis joins the good side.
September 19, 2013
40 Machspeed Gene's prized possession has been stolen by the notorious Dang Dong Daddy who offers the possession as a prize to whoever beats him in a race. All of the villains find out and they are after it to.

Note: Only appearance of Dang Dong Daddy. This is the final appearance of some of the villains such as Stickety Lipid, Taskmaster, Sportsmaster and others because when there vehicles crashed, they fell down a cliff and presumably died. Guest voice of Ben Stein as the tourist instructor and Kevin Richardson as Dang Dong Daddy.
September 20, 2013
41 America's Sweetcheeks In 1942, Alfred F. Jones (America) has confronted a man named Ludwig (Germany) and knocked him out in one punch. Forty years later, The Plager finds the dead corpse of Ludwig and revives him. Now, the Axis Rebels is getting superpowerful when the leader of the Axis Powers has been arrived.

Note: First appearance of Ludwig Beilschmidt (Germany) and this is the third appearance of America (Alfred F. Jones), although he does not have any lines. Gene and Eliza make cameos but they dont have any lines.
September 23, 2013
42 Aliens Gene finds out that Jack, his alien friend (son of America's alien friend, Tony) is missing. The Axis Rebels have kidnapped him to use his extraterrestrial abilities to dominate the world.

Note: First appearance of Jack since the first season.
September 23, 2013
43 The Awakening The North Wind, a locked beast of the Soviet Area, is released from his cosmic prison and tries to avoke the characters into a cold blizzard place.

Note: As of this episode, the characters now relocate from Nanotown to Sondoville in Toronto, Canada; possibly to match the production localization.
September 24, 2013
43 Employee of the Month To buy a moped, Gene gets a job as a burger employee but does not know that his employers are alien tofu designed to eat human flesh.

Note: Guest voice of Tom Kane as Jeff.
September 25, 2013
44 Vince the Terrible Vince is accidentally sent thousand years to the past where he must help a warrior named Sasha defeat a league of monsters.September 26, 2013
45 Tlaloc Dr. Dee enconters an old friend named Tlaloc when destroying some mutant creatures from around the Bob, but realize that Tlaloc may have some anger issues with the humans.September 27, 2013
46 Quest of the Century After being defeated by evil villain Kantaro, Gene takes on a quest for the true master to train him.September 30, 2013
47 Stranded Dr. Dee orders the remaining members of the team to find astrorocks but they end up lost from splitting up.October 1, 2013
48 The Mole of the Tracks The Mole's rare cases of Argentineum have been stolen by the Sand Bandits and the gang must save the mole.

Note: This is The Mole's return since season one.
October 2, 2013
49 Burgers vs Burritos / Lazy Day Burgers vs Burritos: Vince and Gene fight over which is best; burgers or burritos.

Lazy Day: The gang decide to do nothing at all.

Note: Final two-part episode and final 11-minute episodes.
October 3, 2013
50 Calling All Heroes After months of fighting the Axis Rebels and the Plager and the Purple Dragons, they are recruiting some new heroes.

Note: First appearance of the new heroes and it continues with the episode, Nanoteam Together!
October 4, 2013
51 Nanoteam Together! Eugene, The Herald, Vospiso, Hacha and Ras are the only ones to escape the Axis Rebels plans. Now they must save the others before it's too late for the final battle with Hans Bradschmidt and The Plager, who have morphed together to become the Ultimate Enemy.

Note: This is the intended series finale pilot but the final episode aires on October 18. Doctor Dee reveals himself for the first time. Final appearance of the Sand Bandits, Purple Dragons, Axis Rebels, the Plager and other bad villains and the return of several Nanoteam members. This is also the last appearance of the new heroes. This is also the final 30-minute episode.
October 7, 2013
52 Times Change The United Nanoteam return home once again and realize that everything change, and then, they meet the villain who has returned; Terax.

Note: This is the true series finale of the United Nanoteam. Terax appears in the movie for the first time with James Avery doing his voice. Live-action sequences at the beginning and end were shot at CN Studios. This episode was an hour long.
October 18, 2013

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