Founded in the year 1 N.E. (about 3000 years ago), the United Republic of Earth is the interplanetary/interstellar government that has dominated Earth and most of the human race since well before homo sapiens first discovered the jumpgates. The United Republic is governed by a Senate with elected representatives from Earth and various other planets and solar systems. The Senate meets in the city of Geneva in the former nation of Switzerland. Recent reforms have granted citizenship to to non-humans including members of certain alien races as well as certain A.I. robots and computers. The Cyber Guild, representing the aforementioned A.I.s, and the Council of Non-Human Sentients, representing the aforementioned alien organic species, have the right to appoint a certain number of senators who have the full rights as members of the Senate. The United Republic of Earth is usually on friendly terms with House Lionheart and the Golems, but relations with the Mantis Lords and the Horsehead Empire are often strained, even to the point of occasional warfare. The Interplanetary Merchant League with it's interstellar corporations dominate the economy of many worlds of the United Republic. The Solar Church of the Unconquered Sun is rapidly gaining converts in United Republic space, though the United God Movement is still the dominate faith here. Over 75 percent of the population of the United Republic is composed of "normal" humans, but there are sizable minorities of A.I. machines, variant human races, Vilaki, Arvi, Rikiari, Keiki, and Horseheads (see Horseheads outside the Horsehead Empire).

Recently, the United Republic of Earth has received vistors-Transdimensional Void Runners-from parallel-universe versions of Earth. See Jumpweb of the Known Universe in TVR.

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