The United Republic of Earth is still a leading political power in the Jumpweb of the New Universe as it was in the era of the Jumpweb of the Known Universe. The Church of the True God of the Unconquered Sun is increasingly the dominate faith in the United Republic. The Interplanetary Merchant League (see also Interplanetary Merchant League in the New Universe) and it's corporations are still dominate the economy in the United Republic. Relations with the Independent Horsehead Empire are fair but with the Horoko Empire cordial but mutually suspicious. Diplomatic relations and trade with Golem space in the New Universe are excellent. Human-supremacist movements still are a nuscence in the United Republic. Meanwhile, the Cyber Guild and the Council of Non-Human Sentients are still potent political powers in the United Republic. Recent history he seen the United republic engage in warfare (see timeline of the New Universe engage in warfare in space formerly controlled by House Lionheart (which was partially absorbed into the United Republic) and the Mantis Lords (which involved a more recent conflict, and saw the Mantis Lords empire broken up; see also Minor powers).

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