The United Republic of Earth contains several major political parties which are represented in the Senate. The party with the largest number of senators is the United Progressive Party, which favors free trade with foreign powers, a pro-business economic policy, and civil rights for aliens and A.I. robots and computers. The United Progressives have tremendous support from corporations of the Interplanetary Merchant League, aliens in the Council of Non-Human Sentients, and A.I. machines in the Cyber Guild. The second largest political party in the Senate and the United Republic is the Interplanetary Conservative Union (I.P.C.U.), which is more nationalistic than the United Progressives. The I.P.C.U. favors a strong military and a hard-line policy toward the Horsehead Empire and the Mantis Lords, as well as a balanced government budget and a tough policy towards criminals. The I.P.C.U. also includes close ties to many moderate and conservaive religious leaders in the United God Movement. Some I.P.C.U. senators and activists are aligned with human-supremacist movements, though the official I.P.C.U. party line condemns racism. Other parties represented in the Senate include the Social Democratic Party of the United Republic, which supports labor unions, government social-welfare programs, and a largely pacifist foreign policy; the Galactic Populist League, which opposes the economic dominance of the Interplanetary Merchant League; and the United Party of God, which promotes the religious views of the liberal elements of the United God Movement.

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