In Harry Potter, the United States is one of the most populated wizarding communities in the world. It supports a big population of Humans and other creatures because of a magical mist invented by Oberon Greenhaze so the wizarding world could be hidden from the Muggle world. Harry Potter and several other students attended school for one year in the USA during a World Wide Wizards Conference.


The history of the U.S.A is an interesting one.


In several of the British colonies in America, some wizards and other creatures revolted. There were many heroes in this revolution, most were Melvin Underbelly and Oberon Greenhaze. In the end, the British gave up and decided to leave.

Great Migration

Six years after the war, many creatures such as Cyclopes, Minotaurs, Giants, Centaurs, and many other creatures and wizards journeyed here to start new lives in a new world.


When British ministry power was overthrown, the US established its own government were they would elect a President of Magic. The Magical senate is formed by representatives from each department.


Schools of Magic

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