United States Army was made upstoppable due to Project Upgrade; a series of Genetic Engineering, Cybernetics, Cloning and Robotics.

Genetic Engineering

The Genetic Engineering comes in two forms, Genetic Enhancement and Genetic Combinations.

Genetic Enhancements

Genetic Enhancement allows humans to transfer seed populations of Nanites to parts of your body. They come in three types: Fighter, Stealth and Hacker.


The fighters have enhanced strength and Speed. They also can regenerate and heal their own wounds. They also can hack into a persons computer and get some information. They also generate EMP damage with the energy blade or other melee weapons.


The stealth type of genetic enhancement can be used to sneak in and steal information. They have enhanced vision which can help them see what is going on. They can also make themselves nearly invisible to other enemies. They make also use thermal masking that renders them nearly invisible to battle bots. They also have attack drones following them that fires non-lethal biotox darts at all hostile targets.


Hackers can be used to access computer information and program battle bots and turrets against their allies. They have a Spy Drone which is used to snoop around corners or attack bots. They also have a Neural Interface used to hack into computers and access information. They also have thermal masking used to mask their presence from Turrets, Cameras and Attack Bots. They also possess bot domination used to remotely control turrets, attack bots and cameras. They also can walk silently to avoid being detected.

Genetic Combination's

The Genetic Combination's are humans combined with the design traits of different animals. The most common is Jungle Cat-Bat-Electric Eel. The animals abilities were enhanced so they could prove useful. Examples: Porcupine soldiers can shoot out their spikes, Electric Eel soldiers can shoot electric blasts, spider soldiers can produce webs from their wrists and those combined with Bats, Dolphins and Whales can produce sonic screams while those combined with armadillos can grow bony armor on their bodies.


The army created several cyborgs, which contain weapons in their arms and they can grow metal claws on their cybernetic hands.

High-tech Armor


Most soldiers volunteered to have clones of themselves for the USA Army. The clones were artificially aged to bring them into the prime of life equivalent to a human in their mid-twenties. This rapid aging also give the clones an odd skin pigment, white mouths and black teeth and bones.



Most soldiers were given psychic powers such as Psi Blasts, Telekinesis, Invisibility, Projection, Possession, Psi Shielding and Enhanced Telekinesis and Psi Blasts.

Adamantium Enhancements

Most soldier had been placed in tubes and had adamantium placed in their skeletons so they could produce adamantium claws, spikes or tentacles. Most soldiers can also grow adamantium armor all over their body.

Military Technology



Jets and Fighters








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