United States Flag by 2009

In the Greater America Timeline, the United States of America, is comprised of North America and the Caribbean.

The US in 2048

The US has been the most powerful economic power since the end of the Second World War, and have maintained their status as a Military and Political Superpower even with the rise of the European Union, China, and India. After soaking in the economic growth and prosperity of the 1990s, the turn of beginning of the 21st century has been marked by great strides in socioeconomic, technological, and cultural advancement.


The United States stretches from the frozen tundra of the Arctic circle, to the tropical jungles of Central America.


Internal Organization

After the incorporation of the former nations of North America under the US Constitution, the US began a plan of integration that would establish new states. All United States Territories were reorganized by the State Reform Act.


The United States government is divided into three Political parties, the Democrats, the Libertarians and the Republicans.

Constitutional Amendments:

  • Amendment 1: Freedom of Speech, Religion, Press, Assembly, and Protest are Protected
  • Amendment 2: Right to bear arms.
  • Amendment 3: No quartering of soldiers in private homes.
  • Amendment 4: No unwarranted search and seizures.
  • Amendment 5: No double jeopardy, and ensures a trial by a jury, and rights of the accused.
  • Amendment 6: Right to a speedy public trial with legal counsel.
  • Amendment 7: Trial by jury for civil cases.
  • Amendment 8: No cruel or unusual punishment, or excessive bail.
  • Amendment 9: Any rights not mentioned are rights of the people.
  • Amendment 10: Reserved Rights to the States.
  • Amendment 11: Judicial separation of states and federal government.
  • Amendment 12: Establishes the Vice President for a vote by the electoral college.
  • Amendment 13: Abolishes Slavery.
  • Amendment 14: States must abide by constitutional law, and defines anyone born in the US as a US citizen.
  • Amendment 15: Former slaves can vote, and voters cannot be discriminated against based on race.
  • Amendment 16: Income Tax.
  • Amendment 17: Direct Election of Senators.
  • Amendment 18: Prohibition
  • Amendment 19: Women's right to vote.
  • Amendment 20: Shortens lame duck period, and establishes VP as Presidential successor.
  • Amendment 21: Repeals 18th Amendment.
  • Amendment 22: 2 Presidential terms established as term limits.
  • Amendment 23: DC gains presidential electors.
  • Amendment 24: No taxes for voting.
  • Amendment 25: Provides for temporary removal of President and temporary transfer of powers to VP.
  • Amendment 26: 18 year old voting age.
  • Amendment 27: Limits congressional pay raises.
  • Amendment 28: Creates a balanced budget, but ensures deficit spending during a time of economic crisis.
  • Amendment 29: Freedom of Marriage Amendment; Outlaws discrimination against gay and transexual couples from engaging in Civil Unions.
  • Amendment 30: Right to Choose Amendment: Allows women the right to have an abortion within their doctor's discretion.
  • Amendment 31: Social Security and Single Payer, Universal Healthcare are a right of birth for every citizen.
  • Amendment 32: Free and Universal Education up to the first four years of college are a right of birth for every citizen.
  • Amendment 33: Establishes the US Jobs Corps that requires that ever person who wants a job is given employment.[
  • Amendment 34: Establishes a right to a home.
  • Amendment 35: Abolishes the Electoral College
  • Amendment 36: Abolishes 16th Amendment. (No income tax.)
  • Amendment 37: Abolishes 35th Amendment. (Electoral College Reestablished)


The US economy is the strongest in the world, and is rivaled by none. Fueled by the "Space Boom," the US economy has an unlimited supply of cheap natural resources to produce very high quality goods for very low prices. This is further maintained by the increase in robotic assembly, and a growing workforce of engineers, chemists, and roboticist. hanks to the sharp drop in value of material goods, the US middle class has shrunken the rich/poor divide to a sliver of its former self. And with almost all taxes abolished, replaced by government benefits, the US economy is beginning to look more socialist in some sectors, and more libertarian in others.


International Relations

The US has very strong ties to the European Union and Russia, but relations with China are growing cold, and much of the middle-east is still hesitant to call the United States their friend. Though, US involvement with the United Nations is much stronger than it is in OTL.

While relations with Latin America, especially Venezuela and Bolivia are not so good.


The US Military consists of four individual branches. the Army, the Navy, the Air Force and the The Peace Corps. The Military is slowly being reconfigured to a much more strategic force, with less personnel utilizing better equipment, and greater intel.

Air Force: The air force utilizes several planes, blimps, jet fighters and bombers. Those planes and others include the F-35 Lightning II, the F-22 Raptor, the B-1 Lancer, the F-32 Hawk and the B-2 Spirit. These planes were retrofitted with recent weapons such as laser cannons, ion cannons, and plasma cannons. The blimps include Z-29 Owl and the [[Y-18 Sky carrier. Jet fighters include Night-56, Hunter-29 and Hawk-18, those jet fighters are equip with cloaking devices. USA bombers are equip with proton and plasma bombs.

Army: The United States army was greatly enhanced with Genetic Engineering, Cybernetics, Cloning, high-tech armor and Robotics. The USA also has created large Mechs, or Rhino mechs and Jet pack Infantry with flame throwers. For tanks, there is the Mouse E50, the Rat 230, the Eridani 824, the Rigel 346 and the Centurion. Unenhanced infantrymen are equip with personal cloaking devices, Plasma rifles, Laser pistol, [[Laser

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