The USA is a large country on earth. The country consists of 52 states and One Federal District. This country is the most racially deverse countries on Earth. The population of the country is currently 652'213'990. The percentage of the population is 58% Humans and 42% Aliens. The human population being 378'284'114.2 and aliens being 273'929'875.8. Most of the Newest cities in the USA were built along the sides of canyons and in the center of caldera's. The united states is also home to the 600 remaining Vaadwaur in Florida, Massachusetts and Arizona.There are also 10'000 Dosi in Deleware and Colorado. Also, 100,000 Karemma in New England. Finally, there are 400 Talaxians living in Rhode Island. The USA is protected by the United States Army who (by 2374) had accepted many species. The country is led by the President of the United States. Currently, the president is Nanietta Bacco.


USA Cities

New USA Cities

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