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The more one reads and studies this book the more one comes to recognize that the language construction conveys concepts that the words themselves don't hold. There are some students of the book who will say that in their opinion there is hardly one superfluous word in all the 1.1 million used. This is not a book of words relating facts as much as it is a book of words relating truths which are beyond the meanings of the words themselves; facts are essentially cold and dead while truths are living and warm. The Urantia Book is not simply a fact book, it is a truth book because it is an epochal revelation of truth, much as if you were able to physically sit at the side of Jesus and talk with him you would be having the experience of receiving epochal revelation. (CT says: imo, the difference between a fact and truth is the action of intuition. A fact is a single thing, it can be either true of false. A truth is difficult for this immature creature to describe...however, I feel confident in saying that truth is a quality, and not a thing. Truth, or a truth, needs to be intuited from two or more semi-related facts. This opinion should be expanded into it's own essay.)
A number of condensations of Urantia Book concepts and teachings have been written in the past in an attempt to help those unfamiliar with the book understand it. I can say with some assurance that not one person who has read anything "about" The Urantia Book has ever understood its revelatory mission. They have garnered new facts, maybe sufficient new facts to make them interested in reading the book, but they've not received the revelation because that lies between and outside the words; one has to sit with the book on one's lap and read the book itself in order to participate in the fifth epochal revelation to the world. The recently printed book, "The Story of Everything" by Michelle Klimesh is an excellent condensation, paragraph by paragraph and Paper by Paper of the book — it provides the facts but has lost the revelation. There is no substitute for reading the book for oneself — it's too important to do half-heartedly.

Reflections on the War for Iraqi Regime Change

It's hard not to talk about "those" people: those Sunnis, Shiites, and Kurds, plus the dozens of other minor factions all vying for power over each other in countries such as Pakistan and Somalia. The best way of life they can think of involves stealing land and resources from neighboring groups using old religious arguments. But the fact is that when there isn't enough food, not enough jobs, people get desperate. Some people become willing to kill other people, but most people just want to live a quiet, relatively easy life without hurting anybody else. But how can they when their families have been torn apart by needless conflict and warfare, when their children are sick and starving, when their entire village is victimizing by some lawless group whose sovereign government is too insolvent to contain?

Sending foreign soldiers to country which is little better than a loose, and sometimes fragmented, confederation of tribes, does little to improve the quality of life for the citizens of that country. In fact, the problem likely lies in the thrusting of the country status onto a land populated by people who weren't interesting in nationalizing their polities by colonial invaders. Decades, and the better part of a century later, enmity still exists.

It would be better to send 100,000 civilian volunteers; people willing to talk to the populace and act as mediators, to show the factions that working together is better than fighting against each other. Then there are those factions who have absolutely no interest in working with anybody, those who are intractable. Let them reveal themselves for the selfish organizations they are.

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