Were you expecting an explanation about the Urantia Papers?

Urantia Papers vs. the Urantia Book

This (sole) editor has chosen to prefer the term "Urantia Papers" over "Urantia Book" because he accepts the book at face value. (See his userpage for more on that subject) Internally, most of the 196 papers (and foreword) are reportedly authored by many individuals. That their 15-30 page essays were collected into a book was certainly no surprise to the authors, but they waste no words referring to the external title of the book (or even the titles of their own papers, barring the probable coincidences).

In short, this editor feels that the term "Urantia Papers" best reflects the "internal spirit" of the Urantia Book. This new online site maintains this "spirit" and provides easy focus on the Papers with the convenience of "point & click" indexing to each Section of this revelation:

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