Uniting Urantia is not a site to encourage people to read the Urantia Papers. We include links to sites which host the text, and we assume that all viewers of this site are already united in their ends. This site desires to exhibit the spirit of the Urantia Papers without exhibiting the Urantia Papers. The Urantia Papers themselves make few bones about it: God is the top, any other lower anchor point is erroneous and potentially misleading.

This site is about God, not the Urantia Papers. However, this site's creator and initial editor is a reader and believer of the Urantia Papers.

This editor reads Urantia Book forums where contributors reflect on ways and methods of introducing people to the book, and helping them read the whole thing. This seems unnecessary. One can merely make a suggestion to read this unique, strange, and complex book starting with page one and reading sequentially to page two thousand ninety-seven. This editor skipped around, testing the waters as it were, moving from a rebellious teenage atheist to a Faith Son of God. I actually dreaded the Jesus papers, all the religious hockey, lovey spiritual thou shalt this and that mumbo jumbo. It's almost a surprise that I bothered reading the book at all, except that I truly have a pain-ignoring desire for the truth.

Some people find a truth, and then mentally sit on it, happy and content not to question their comfortable foundation, but only after you've made your foundation out of God will you be freed from eventual personality death and become immortal. Read the book! It'll change your mind too, if you let it.

Or just read this website and see what readers of the book are doing to your world....

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