Uniting Urantia is an effort, started by one, and hopefully continued by millions, to unite Urantians. We don't seek an end to disagreements, but rather an end to strife and revenge. Conflict is good, violence is bad.

(Note: I'm using special connotations for strife and conflict in this sense. Basically: conflict is minor and can contribute to progress, strife is major and wastefully destructive. Similar to the difference between "evil, sin, and iniquity".)

How many times has it been said that the greater good was spoiled by a minor evil? Not even deliberate sin or iniquity, but just some misguided, small-minded, egoist who wants more for his own family than all the other families in the village. His wife and children don't see him as an egoist, but the other villagers do. Guess how God looks at him? God sees all points of view simultaneously and judges men accordingly.

The law enforcement and the judicial systems are testaments to the heights of our society. That corruption can effect these systems is testament to the work that must still be done.

This site would like to inspire the best work that needs to be done. This site would like to track individuals and organizations that are already doing this kind of work, and maybe become a center for networking and collaborating.

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