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This is an installment from the Universal (franchise). It focuses on Two Stories Pooh and Fievel in the Jungle and Mickey's Adventures of The Secret of Nimh: the Unauthorized Sequel.

In Pooh and Fievel in the Jungle - Fievel Mousekewitz (Mickey's Cousin) discovers New Dangers of the forest - untill he went into a Strange Jungle world. Pooh Bear struggles to save Fievel from a bad Tiger named Shere Khan and he teams up with his Cousin Baloo who teaches Pooh and Fievel of the true meaning of friendship.

In Mickey's Adventures of The Secret of Nimh: the Unauthorized Sequel - Justin the Rat and Jeremy the Crow had saved Gregory Mouse from the Labs of Nimh. The Brisbies befriended Jacob who is the brother of Jonathan. Mickey Mouse teams up with Justin (the leader of the rats) to protect the brisby family from some wild Enemies - such as Ratigan (Jenner's cousin) who is plotting with his Henchmen to capture Jeremy the Crow.

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