The Universal Magisterium of God the Supreme Being is a dominant religion in the universe of Fading Worlds and Civilization based upon the teachings of the Prophet Zarkon. The basic tenants of the faith are:

1)belief in a living God, called the Supreme Being, who created this universe and any other universe/dimension/plane of existance.

2)equal rights for all people (i.e. any sentient being), including humans (both clones and natural-born), chimeras (animal-human hybrid clones), and aritificial-intelligence personalities (A.I. programs that can occupy either stationary computers or mobile robots).

3)strict governmental or societal regulation of private economic enterprises so as they never, ever can control the ruling government or public authority.

4)prayers to God the Supreme Being and to the Prophet Zarkon for the well-being of all.

5)government of the Universal Magisterium by a Holy Synod of archbishops and a hierarchy of lesser religious leaders from senior bishops down to junior bishops and down to gurus and down to deacons and finally to shamans at the bottom. Humans (both natural-born and clones), chimeras, and A.I. machine personalities can all become Magisterium clergy.

6)belief that any sentient being has an immortal soul and belief in an afterlife.

7)belief in a sprititual evil force that tempts people to do bad things.

The Universal Magisterium is divided into sects/factions that differ on different issues:

1)whether conversion to the faith should be voluntary or by force.

2)whether there is only one universe or a multiverse with different universes.

3)whether there should be worship of gods other than the Supreme Being. A variation of this theme is whether to treat the Prophet Zarkon as a real god subordinate to God the Supreme Being.

4)whether is soul can be reincarnated into new bodies after the death of an old body.

5)whether the evil spiritual force is a single Devil or a multitude of demons.

6)whether or not to incorporate the teachings of other faith traditions (Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, etc.) into the practices and teachings of the Universal Magisterium.

Note that in the Fourth Era, a number of sects within the Universal Magisterium disagreed over the inclusion of alien intelligent species into the Prophet Zarkon's faith, so they broke away to form the independent Authentic Church of the Prophet Zarkon.

Some of the major sects/faction within the Universal Magisterium:

TRUE ORTHODOXY: believe there is only one universe, that God the Supreme Being is the only true deity, reject reincarnation, believe that the force of universal evil is a single Devil instead of many demons. The True Orthodox also largely favored including alien species into the faith, but oppose including elements of non-Magisterium religions.

HOLY ZEALOTS: beliefs almost identical to those of the True Orthodoxy except regarding the use of violence to force conversion upon non-believers. Many acts of violence blamed on rogue Magisterium elements forced the Holy Synod to watch this sect/faction closely.

MAHAYANA MOVEMENT: this sect believes that there are gods other than the Supreme Being, and even consider the Prophet Zarkon a true god. The Mahayana Movement also recognizes the truth evident in non-Magisterium faiths and favor their inclusion within the practices and doctrines of the Universal Magisterium. Many members of this faction also recognize the existance of other universes and the reincarnation of souls into other bodies.

PROGRESSIVE HOLY WARRIORS: this faction is theologically similar to the Mahayana Movement, but like the Holy Zealots in advocating violence to convert nonbelievers, including aliens. They are watched closely by the Holy Synod.

DITHEIST FACTION: this sects believes in the existance of two gods, the Supreme Being and the Prophet Zarkon. It places special emphsasis on the worship of Zarkon.

OTHER MAGISTERIUM SECTS: often variant subfactions within the five aforementioned larger sects. For example, there are variant sects within the True Orthodoxy, Holy Zealots, Mahayana Movement, and Progressive Holy Warriors who focus on social justice, and the potential threat and greed of large private corporations. There is a subfaction in the Ditheist Faction that preaches the reincarnation of souls. There used to be variant, anti-alien sects of True Orthodox and Holy Zealots, but both left the Magisterium to form the Authentic Church of the Prophet Zarkon. There is also a neo-Christian faction within the Ditheist Faction that identifies the Prophet Zarkon with Jesus Christ. There is a neo-Islamic faction in the Magisterium that identifies Allah with God the Supreme Being and the Prophet Muhammed with the Prophet Zarkon, and is strictly monotheistic.

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