In 1998, D.B. Sweeney created a Promo for Universal Studios Florida. It first aired on Television on August 2, 1998 and on Video with the 1998 Video release of The Dog of Flanders.


Narrator: Spirits soar, Hearts race and Imagination runs wild. Nobody puts fun into action, nobody turns Vacations into Adventures. Nobody brings the Motion Pictures to life. Nobody, like Universal Studios Flordia, where the World rides the Movies.

Clips: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, King Kong, Jaws, An American Tail, Madeline, F3: Friendly, Faithful and Fair, Twister, Earthquake, Babe and Emily and The Dog of Flanders

Narrator: But the Excitement has begun. Get ready for the next generation of theme park, coming in 1999. Universal Studios Islands of Adventures. Explore uncharted territories, discover unlimited Thrills, live the Adventure as never before. For information on Vacation packages, call 888-322-5525 or your travel professional. Universal Studios Escape, the Orlando Vacation destination for the 21st Century.

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