UNIVERSE OF 2000 SUNS-a sci-fi universe by Newmarduk


Jumpgates, made of a virtually indestructible metal (except for Faeros and Hydrogue gates), are the main and only means of FTL/interstellar/intergalactic space travel. They were made by a now-extinct race of aliens called the Annunaki [2], except for sun-based jumpgates[3] used by the Faeros and jumpgates[4] within gas giant planets utilized by the Hydrogues. Jumpgates are activated by special light patterns and magnetic pulses. Any single jumpgate can connect to any other jumpgate, with individual routes between jumpgates each activated by a special combination of a light pattern and magnetic frequency. The main exceptions to the activation of jumpgates are the gates used by the Faeros and Hydrogues, of course.



Droids/Robots (more a category of sentient machine than an actual race) [5] (see robots/drois in Universe of 2000 Suns)

Hutts [6]

Centauri [7]

K'kree [8]

Ildirans [9] [10]

Narn [11]

Klingons [12]

Hivers [13]

Vulcans[14]/Romulans [15]

Daleks [16]

Cybermen [17]

Ferengi [18]

Hydrogues [19]

Faeros [20]

Cylons (including Centurions [21] and Humanoids [22])


Imperial-class Star Destroyers (used by humans and Vulcans and to a lesser extent by Klingons, Hutts, Centauri, Narn, Romulans, K'kree, Narn, Hivers, Daleks, and Cybermen) [23]

Dalek Flying Saucers [24] and Dalek Flagships [25] (used mostly by Daleks but sometimes by Cybermen)

Robotic/Droid fighter ships [26] (used mostly by Vulcans, Ferengi, Hutts, Hivers, and K'kree and to a lesser extent by humans, Ildirans, Centauri, and Cybermen)

Strike-class cruisers [27] (used mainly by humans, Vulcans, Cybermen, Narn, Centauri, Romulans, Klingons, and Hutts)

Starfury-class fighter ships [28] (used mainly by humans and Vulcans)

TIE-class fighter ships [29] (used mostly by Klingons, occasionally by Cybermen)

Cylon Basestars [30] and Cylon Raiders [31] (used almost exclusively by Cylons)

X-wing- [32] and Y-wing-class [33] fighter ships (used mostly by Romulans)

Escort-class carriers [34] (used by humans, Vulcans, Romulans, Klingons, Centauri, Cybermen, Ferengi, Narn, Ildirans, K'kree, Hivers, and Hutts for carrying fighter ships)

Solar Navy (Ildiran space navy) military ships [35]

Faeros [36] and Hydrogue [37] ships

Raptor-class shuttles [38] (transport ships used for both military and civilian purposes by all races except Daleks, Faeros, and Hydrogues)

Colonial Movers-class freighter [39] (transport ship used by both military and civilian interests by all races except Daleks, Cylons, Faeros, and Hydrogues)

Ferengi Marauder-class ships (used for both military and civilian purposes) [40] and standard Ferengi shuttles [41] (used mostly by Ferengi but sometimes by Hutts, Ildirans, and Centauri)

Primus-class battle cruisers [42], Vorchan-class attack cruisers [43], and Sentri-class fighter ships [44] (used mostly by Centauri but sometimes by Hutts and Romulans, except that Hutts will hire human or Centauri or Klingon mercenaries to pilot their Sentri fighters)

D'deridex-class warships [45] {used almost exclusively by Romulans)

Frazi-class fighter ships [46] and G'Quan-class heavy cruisers [47] (used mostly by Narn but sometimes by Hutts, Klingons, Hivers, and K'kree except that Hutts, Hivers, and K'kree will hire human or Klingon or Narn mercenaries to pilot their Frazi fighters).

Vor'cha-class attack cruisers [48] (used almost exclusively by Klingons)


Galactic Padishah Empire [49] (main human government; Vulcans and some Hutts and Ferengi are citizens/residents of this empire)

Klingon Empire [50] (main Klingon government; some humans, Hutts, and Ferengi are citizens/residents of this empire)

Dalek Empire [51] (main Dalek government, with most Cylons and Cybermen being subjects/citizens/residents/allies of this empire; note that non-Daleks other than Cylons and Cybermen are often turned over to Cybermen to be converted into new Cybermen)

Ildiran Empire ruled by Mage_Imperator (main Ildiran government, with some humans, Vulcans, Romulans, Hutts, Ferengi, Klingons, Hivers, and Cylons as citizens/residents)

Romulan Star Empire [52] (main Romulan government; with some humans, Vulcans, Hutts, Ferengi, Hivers, and Narn as subjects/citizens/residents)

Narn Regime [53] (main Narn government; with some Hutts, Hivers, humans, Ferengi, and Klingons as residents/citozens of this nation)

Centauri Republic ruled by Centauri Emperor [54] (main Centauri government; bulk of K'kree population under rule of this government with some local self-government; some humans, Vulcans, Klingons, Romulans, Hivers, Hutts, Ferengi, and Ildirans are also residents/citizens/subjects of this government)

Note: Faeros and Hydrogues presumably have their own political structures or leadership

Note: Often, racial minorities living under a government dominated by another race often are granted local self-government under leaders of their own species that are elected or appointed or inherit their positions

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