Cd universeas
Released August 2012
Genre Art Pop/Piano Rock
Length 50:10
Label Darts Records
Catalog # TMR 025


The beggining of this album became nearly "Moonset" latest releases. It took many months to Danilo to finish it but he said he finally felt that the album has the exactly sound that he was looking for. "Me, Myself And I" was the first single released almost 7 months before the album, later "Candlelight" video appeared on Facebook and Youtube and instantly made a hit on Soundlick. After the release of the entire album "Sail The Aurora" became the biggest Fratondi's hit on the charts, placing in the #86. The song (like the entire album) has very influences of Danilo's favorite bands like Sigur Ros, Mew or The Cure.

Track listing

  1. "Le Port Du Châteauroux Au Ciel" – 0:00
  2. "Sail The Aurora" – 4:51
  3. "Candlelight" – 3:28
  4. "Me, Myself And I" – 4:33
  5. "Zabriskie Point" – 7:33
  6. "Love Will Find A Way" – 4:33
  7. "Mechanism Of The Seas" Feat. MonitorHead – 4:10 (D.Fratondi/P.Sabarotz)
  8. "Swan" – 3:23
  9. "Silhoutte" – 4:31
  10. "Volant Bateau" – 4:10
  11. "Lake Eyes, Golden Cieling" – 3:47


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