This article concerns the fictional Nitez universe.

Directed by JP
Produced by David Duchovny
Written by JP
Tina Barrett
Starring JP
Tina Barrett
Hannah Spearritt
Music by Michael Giacchino
Cinematography Mitchell Amundsen
Editing by David Brenner
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date(s) TBA
Running time TBA
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Budget £75 million


The opening scene depicts JP chasing a cargo plane as it taxis through an abandoned airfield in the desert. He manages to board it (though only just), and inside the fuselage he is attacked by a mercenary. Tina is being held captive, and is gagged and bound in one of the seats. As the two fight, the plane takes off, and they struggle to maintain their balance. The pilot sees them fighting and begins a series of sharp banks and dives. Suddenly a cargo crate comes loose and crushes the mercenary. JP is injured, but rushes to help Tina. Upon seeing that his accomplice has been killed, the pilot forces the plane into a steep dive and then jumps out of the emergency exit. JP frees Tina and then hurries into the cockpit. He fails to level the plane in time, and they are also forced to jump out of the emergency exit. The plane crashes and both of them fall to the ground, which seriously injures JP. He falls unconscious as Tina cradles him. Some time later, the emergency services arrive and the paramedics try to resuscitate JP. However they are unable to, and Tina cries as he is pronounced dead at the scene. After this the main titles roll.

The film then shows JP driving around London 24 hours earlier. However instead of the sound of the car, a voice-over of a conversation between JP and God is heard, in which God explains his reasons for sending JP back. JP drives past several locations from the series -- including for example, the Nightclub -- which have fallen into disrepair. We also learn that JP has not been 'alive' for about three years. He quickly rejects this changed world, and considers jumping from the roof of a building in the rain. Suddenly Hannah shows up and stops him.


(listed alphabetically)

Tina Barrett plays herself, reprising her role from the series. She is also attached as a writer. At the end of Season 12 in 2006, Tina publically denied she would return to film a 13th season, due to tiredness and lack of interest. When asked about why she agreed to reprise her role, she cited the more traditional production schedule, aswell as the chance to write some of the scenes herself. She trained in armed combat and Muay Thai for the film.

Nestor Carbonell plays Dr. Lawrence Roberston. Nestor has a cameo as a doctor in the hospital scene. He was approached for a reference to the popular show Lost. His name is a reference to a character in the film I, Robot.

Kelly Clarkson plays the bartender. Kelly has a cameo as the bartender near the start of the film. Her song "You Found Me" is also used as the music for the opening titles, and as such can be considered the "theme" music.

JP plays himself. He is also a writer/director. Along with Tina, he reprises his role from the series. He trained physically for the film, and also practised stunt driving.

MAE play themselves. Dave Elkins, Zach Gehring, and Jacob Marshall are all collectively credited as "MAE". The band have a small cameo in the bar scene near the start of the film. Because of this, it is presumed that some of their music will be used on the soundtrack.

Kath Soucie plays Amanda Tessler, the primary antagonist for the film. While she has provided voice acting before, this marks her on-screen debut. She died her hair white and cut a large amount of it off for the part. She also trained in armed combat and Muay Thai along with Tina.

Hannah Spearritt plays herself. Hannah has a small part, reprising her role from the series. Fans initially speculated that George would also return, but he is currently busy with University and other commitments. Hannah references him in one of her scenes.



The film entered pre-production in October 2008. It will have a relatively "traditional" production (compared to the series). Instead of solely utilising the NPC, it will be joint-produced by several other studios including Paramount -- the first major studio to be attached to a Nitez project. This has required the teams for cameras, sound, lighting, etc. to be separated into dedicated units, though each unit is still made up of members from both the NPC and the outside studios. This has resulted in many NPC members being re-assigned to different units.

David Duchovny agreed to be an Executive Producer for the film. JP approached him after binge-watching several seasons of The X-Files last summer (he endeavours to have one day seen all of them).

JP has also expressed a desire to provide greater focus on style; for example by including the use of continuous tracking shots for certain sequences, in order to create a more fluid scene in which viewers feel emersed. However, technically these shots can be incredibly difficult to achieve since multiple actors need to be directed at once, and if anything goes wrong the entire scene needs to be re-shot.

The script is being co-written by both JP and Tina -- something which has never happened on a Nitez production before. Fans have met this decision with universal acclaim; as it will ultimately enable both writers to have more control than the NPC over the script. The amount each will write has not been revealed, though Tina has claimed that there will be a sex scene which she has full control over. Allegedly there is also a team of "fake writers" who are producing various scenarios and scenes created to confuse the media and prevent leaks, thereby protecting the real storyline. JP has joked that should any of the cast or crew try to leak details of or pirate the film they will not be paid.

In terms of plot, the film will be a "return to the roots" of the series, and will focus more on the relationship between Tina and JP than the lucidity and religious elements which appeared in later seasons. In early versions of the script, the religious themes (such as God, Heaven, etc.) had a much bigger part but these were either toned down or removed completely after the criticism of God's physical appeareance in the series was reviewed. However there remain references to this material -- such as God's "voice" which can be heard in the opening scenes when JP is driving around London. As of November 17th the script is in a complete "working draft" state.

The events of the film all take place within 24 hours. The amount of time that has passed in the story since the end of Season 12 (about 3 years) is the same as real-life. Presumably this is a "back door" to hide the age differences.

There will be a car chase sequence, and it has been announced that a modified Aston Martin DB9 will be used as the "hero car". Four of these were delivered to the production from an undisclosed modification company. Three of these were black and the other was gray. It is suspected that the car will crash during the chase, at which point the gray one will replace the on-screen vehicle. JP indicated the three black cars will be sent to Pinewood, the London unit and the Chicago unit.

On November 8, 2008 a four minute clip depicting the pre-title sequence was shown to critics. This was generally well recieved. It was later made available online.

A "Making Of.." documentary is being filmed alongside the project. It will be released as both several webisodes and as a single video on the DVD/Blu-Ray releases of the film.

On December 1, 2008 the title and tagline were revealed to be "Nitez" and "The last 24 hours of your life could be the most important" respectively. Also shown along with this was a new poster, depicting and crediting both Tina and JP.

When filming in the UK wrapped, Paramount requested that more action sequences like those in the series be added. Originally JP did not want any of these as the focus was supposed to be on his relationship with Tina, but they have now been incorporated into the script.


The bulk of the filming took place in Chicago, with additional locations being London, and Pinewood Studios. Many fans have speculated that the Chicago railway will stage a scene at some point in the film, much like it did in Spider-Man 2.

The production used a total of three units; First Unit, Chicago Unit and "London" (second) Unit. When the First Unit moved from Pinewood to Chicago, it was merged with the unit there. Neither JP nor Tina ever visited the London Unit, which was used for setting footage of London and some stunts which specifically had to be shown to be in London.

The First Unit officially began filming at Pinewood Studios on Friday 7th November 2008. However the pre-title plane sequence was filmed before this. Apparently the reason for not officially declaring the film as in-production then was that JP and Tina didn't know if the scene would be the first or last scene of the film, and therefore did not announce it for security reasons.

Both JP and Tina took a break from filming 22-25th November to travel to Boston together. The trip was not directly related to the film, though they did appear on an American network for an interview whilst there.

Shortly after his return, on 27th November, JP was seen test driving a black Aston Martin with a safety instructor in a car park near Pinewood Studios. The reason for this was that the car had been modified for use in the film, and as such handled differently to the stock configuration.

On Friday 5th December filming in the UK wrapped for the First Unit (the London Unit continued shooting until around 16th December). After a break for the weekend, filming resumed in Chicago on Monday 8th December, and the First Unit was merged with the unit there. Duchovny stated he was hopeful that filming would be completed before the New Year. The first sequence shot in Chicago was a new action scene added at the studio's request in which a helicopter crashes into a skyscraper.

Filming halted on 18th December, and JP flew back to the UK alone, before returning the next day. Reasons for this stop were not given.

The Chicago unit concluded filming earlier than scheduled on the 20th December. After a day off in Chicago, both JP and Tina returned home for Christmas. According to Duchovny, the film is complete except for "pick-ups" and post-production.


Whilst set in London, JP wanted the film's "city" to look slightly more generic, and therefore Chicago will be used to fill in for London. However, he also wanted some recognisable London landmarks to be shown and therefore the real London will also be used.

Tom Church -- who previously had a role as a villain in the series -- has signed on as Artistic Director. JP described his position as a "conduit" between himself and the team who will actually render the ideas. Tom will design concepts to be approved by JP, and then instruct the team to bring his ideas to life. When asked about how he felt signing such powers to someone other than himself, JP said "In an ideal world I don't think it would have happened. I much prefer being in direct contact with the team and I think that having more than one oppinion on these things is always good. But that's how the studios wanted it and I am incredibly grateful for Tom helping out". Tom has also designed two posters for the theatrical release -- one of which was shown off early by Tina in the "Making of" documentary. Tom is also involved as an actor with the upcoming "Prince of Persia" film starring Jake Gyllenhaal, also filming at Pinewood.

Tina's London flat will re-appear, though it has been slightly altered since it's use in the series. In the series, a real flat was used under permission, but for the film the entire flat was re-constructed on a soundstage at Pinewood (similar to the reconstruction of JP's old house after he moved). This allowed the construction team to make several changes; including raising the entire kitchen area up on a "plinth". The flat as a whole now looks "more fleshed out" and lived in.


The scene near the start of the film in which JP is driving around London has been overlit and then desaturated to give a slightly monochromatic look. This technique is similar to the method used in Minority Report, though here it was achieved solely though post-production CGI effects.


Michael Giacchino will compose an original score for the film. He was approached after JP heard his work on popular show Lost and the film Mission: Impossible III. Giacchino has stated that he tried to create a score with an emphasis on emotion, using mostly string instruments, in a manner similar to the "epic" moments of Lost.

The soundtrack will also used licensed tracks. So far the only confirmed tracks used are:-

  • "Breathe Me" - Sia
  • "You Found Me" - Kelly Clarkson
  • "Before We Die" - The Escape Frame

"You Found Me" will be featured as the title sequence's song -- similar to the use of "Anything But Ordinary" by Avril Lavigne for Season 7. Kelly Clarkson also has a cameo role in the bar scene near the start of the film.

It is speculated that tracks from both MAE and KillHannah will be used in the film.

JP has stated a desire to use the song "Welcome Home" by Coheed & Cambria in the film, but Columbia Records (the band's label) are unwilling to allow the song to be used. Many fans have disputed this, since Columbia recently granted use of the song in the video game Rock Band.



On October 21st 2008, JP announced that a new Nitez film had entered the pre-production stage, with an expected release date in 2009. When questioned over this, he stated that "Season 12 was never really the absolute end. It was just "Ok.. we've been playing these characters for a couple of years.. we're all tired.. we need a break."

He also announced that Tina would finally be reprising her role; marking the first time the two have acted together since the end of Season 12 in 2006.

Shortly after this, both JP and Tina appeared on the BBC -- the first time a network other than the now-defunct CXX has been used for such an appearance -- for a brief interview to discuss the film and reveal more.


The film will be the first time Nitez has officially featured product placement, though Aston Martin cars and Nokia phones were used in the series. Partners include Aston Martin Lagonda, Smirnoff, Dell and Nokia. The Dell XPS M1330 laptop and Nokia N90 phone used are JP's own.

EA will make a tie-in video game, built on a both a highly-modified Call Of Duty 4 engine aswell as the Euphoria engine.

Making Of.. Webisodes

  • December 27, 2008 - "Crashing Not-So Foreign Cars"
Narrated by Lead Stunt Coordinator Nick Gillard and stunt driver Ricki Peters, this webisode explains the process of filming the scene in which the Aston Martin crashes. The scene mixes footage from both London and Chicago, aswell as the actual crash, which was filmed on a backlot at Pinewood. Both the on-set footage and the final clip are shown, marking the first time this has been seen.
  • December 30, 2008 - "The End"
This webisode, narrated by JP and Tina, examines the inital pre-production for the film. David Duchovny also appears.
  • January 2, 2009 - "The Art Of Nitez"
Tom Church talks about the visual style and direction chosen for the film. Tina also reveals one of the promotional posters in this webisode.
  • January 6, 2009 - "Meet The Cast"
  • January 10, 2009 - "Nitez: A Retrospective"
  • January 13, 2009 - "On Location Pinewood"
Set Designed David Keller gives a tour of Tina's re-designed flat
  • January 17, 2009 - "Soundtracks And Cameos"
  • January 20, 2009 - "On Location Chicago"
The Helicopter scene which was added will be discussed
  • January 25, 2009 - "Fin"

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