Update Available

When you start Second Life your login screen may tell you that an update is available. A second window will appear at the upper right hand corner (see picture).

New Releases. When new versions of the Viewer are released, you’ll see the announcement on the SL Grid Status Reports, and Release notes can be found in the Release Notes section of the Wiki. In most cases, a link will also be provided to a forum discussion thread where comments are read and responded over several days. The forum is used for this because a discussion there can continue for several days, allowing Residents from a variety of time zones to participate.

See also
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Beta Known Issues and Information
Second Life says it needs to update, but when I launch the auto-update utility, it doesn't work
I see blue, green, or red triangles coming from objects inworld that I think shouldn't be there
Rolling Restart for Server 1.30
Server Version 1.25.0 available for Beta Testing on the Preview Grid
New 1.22 Test Viewer: RC10 Now Available
Second Life 1.23 Viewer is Available Today
This viewer upgrade is OPTIONAL. You may still log in to Second Life with your current viewer.
Security Update to Second Life viewers: 2008-10-06
This Security Update 2008-10-06 is required to continue to log-in to Second Life.
Problems with Second Life update - Tech Support Forum

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