7/26/06-Every attack is of three different catagories. Special, Physical or Other. Other catagory attacks include attacks that do no damage. Mime Jr.'s ability was mistranslated. What Mime Jr.'s ability actuals does is half the damage if Mime Jr. is attacked by a Super Effective attack. Weavile has a new attack called scheme. ""Look for details on this new attacks in the new techniques section.

7/21/06-At Pokejungle another new pokemon was revealed. This pokemon appears to be a firefly similar to Volbeat and Illumise. New attacks and abilities have been revealed. Lucario knows two new attacks called Force Exert and Anticipate, Mime Jr. learns a new attack called Manekko and it's ability is a new ability, Filter. Look for details on these new attacks in the new attacks section, and look for details on the new ability on the new abilities section. Dorapion knows four new attacks, Poison Barb and three new attacks likely to be known as the elemental fangs, Fire Fang, Ice Fang and Thunder Fang.

7/20/06-Roselia evolution revealed at the Pokejungle event in japan. This new pokemon's name is Rozureido.

7/17/06-The starting pokemon may be Psychic/Dark/Fighting types. The rgion of Shin'ou will have an underground world, Attacks will be made physical or special depending on the actual atttacks. Attacks such as the element punchs will become physical, and attacks such as hyper beam will become special attacks.

7/15/06-A new pokemon has been revealed through screenshots. It is speculated that this yellow pokemon with black marking snd antennae is an evolution of Electabuzz. New attacks have been revealed. Shadow claw which is learned by Weavile, In-fight which is learned by Lucario and Discharge which is learned by Pachirisu.

7/12/06-The release date, 9/28/06, of Diamond and Pearl in Japan has been revealed. The names of the legendary pokemon of diamond and pearl are Diaruga (Diamond) and Parukia (Pearl). Diaruga is the Time-Ruling Pokemon and Parukia is the Space Ruling Pokemon. Three new pokemon have been revealed. Dorapion, a Dark/Poison type pokemon, with a classification of changable scorpion pokemon. Pachirisu, an electric type pokemon, with a classification of electric squirrel pokemon and Chimeru a Grass type pokemon classification of Sakura Pokemon. New abilities have been revealed. Chimeru's ability Flower head, Dorapion's possible ability Snipe, Perappu's second ability, unstable galt and lucario's second ability humble heart. Look for details on the new abilities in the new abilities section. New attacks have been revealed. lucario has a new attack called Wave Guiding Bomb, Munchlax has a new ability called Nature Spurt, Weavile has a new attack called Freeze and Buizeru has a new attack called Aqua Jet. Look for details on these new attacks in the new attacks section.The evil team of Diamond and Pearl is Team Galaxy. #Seperate rival other than other gender. Bottom of the pokemon center is for WiFi features. The box art for Diamond and Pearl have been confirmed.

7/7/06-The company AM3 revealed the boxart for Diamond and Pearl, featuring the two unamed legendary pokemon of Diamond and Pearl. They also revealed a possible release date, 9/28/06.

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