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  • Applying an Update Method to a Set of Receivers. Marc Andries, Luca Cabibbo, Jan Paredaens, Jan Van den Bussche. PODS 1995. (updates and collections)
  • Normalizing Incomplete Databases. Leonid Libkin. PODS 1995. (updates and collections)
  • Semantics and Expressiveness Issues in Active Databases. Philippe Picouet, Victor Vianu. PODS 1995. (updates)
  • Space-Bounded FOIES. Guozhu Dong, Jianwen Su. PODS 1995. (updates)
  • The Size of a Revised Knowledge Base. Marco Cadoli, Francesco M. Donini, Paolo Liberatore, Marco Schaerf. PODS 1995. (updates)
  • Using Witness Generators to Support Bi-directional Update Between Object-Based Databases. Ti-Pin Chang, Richard Hull. PODS 1995. (updates and collections)


  • Knowledgebase Transformations. Gösta Grahne, Alberto O. Mendelzon, Peter Z. Revesz. PODS 1992. (updates and active databases)
  • On the Complexity of Propositional Knowledge Base Revision, Updates, and Counterfactuals. Thomas Eiter, Georg Gottlob. PODS 1992. (updates and active databases)
  • Real-Time Integrity Constraints. Jan Chomicki. PODS 1992. (updates and active databases)


  • Currency-Based Updates to Distributed Materialized Views. Arie Segev, Weiping Fang. ICDE 1990. (update policies and propagation)
  • Deriving Production Rules for Constraint Maintainance. Stefano Ceri, Jennifer Widom. VLDB 1990. (updates and constraints)
  • Propagating Updates in a Highly Replicated Database. Tony P. Ng. ICDE 1990. (update policies and propagation)
  • Referential Integrity Revisited: An Object-Oriented Perspective. Victor M. Markowitz. VLDB 1990. (updates and constraints)
  • Synthesizing Database Transactions. Xiaolei Qian. VLDB 1990. (updates and constraints)
  • Update Propagation in Distributed Memory Hierarchy. Matthew Bellew, Meichun Hsu, Va-On Tam. ICDE 1990. (update policies and propagation)


  • A Snapshot Differential Refresh Algorithm. Bruce G. Lindsay, Laura M. Haas, C. Mohan, Hamid Pirahesh, Paul F. Wilms. ACM SIGMOD Conference 1986. (update support)
  • Abstraction in Recovery Management. J. Eliot B. Moss, Nancy D. Griffeth, Marc H. Graham. ACM SIGMOD Conference 1986. (update support)
  • An Approximation Algorithm for the Physical Access Path Selection in the CODASYL Environment. Pasquale Rullo, Domenico Saccà, Qinsi Zhong. ICDE 1986. (physical updates)
  • Buffering Schemes for Permanent Data. George P. Copeland, Setrag Khoshafian, Marc G. Smith, Patrick Valduriez. ICDE 1986. (physical updates)
  • Effect of Update Merging on Reliable Storage Performance. Ching-Chao Liu, Toshimi Minoura. ICDE 1986. (physical updates)
  • Efficiently Updating Materialized Views. José A. Blakeley, Per-Åke Larson, Frank Wm. Tompa. ACM SIGMOD Conference 1986. (update support)

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