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James Dean’s Apartment (19 W 68th St)

Dean had a one-room apartment on the top floor. He was a regular customer at the nearby Cromwell's coffee bar.

Dakota Building (1 W. 72nd St)

John Lennon and Yoko Ono moved from Greenwich Village in the late 60s, and bought several apartments in the Dakota building. The building is best known as the place where Lennon was shot and killed as he walked through the front gates, returning home from a recording session. John's ashes are reportedly sitting on a shelf in Yoko’s apartment.

Yoko Ono created a memorial to Lennon directly across the road in Central Park. Strawberry Fields features a mosaic and it is landscaped with 161 species of plant: one from every country in the world. Café La Fortuna (69 West 71st Street) was one of Lennon’s favourite coffee shops; it is located just down the road from the Dakota.

The Dakota has accommodated many celebraties, including Leonard Bernstein, Judy Garland, Lauren Bacall and Boris Karloff. Roman Polanski also lived there, and he filmed his movie Rosemary’s Baby in the building.

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