Ursula is one of Dawn's rivals. Like Dawn, she also wishes to be a Top Coordinator. Her appearance was firstly seen in the Chocovine Contest. She is always seen as being over-confident and has a grudge against Dawn because during their first encounter, Dawn's Pachirisu disliked her Poffin.



During the early episodes, the only Pokémon that was always shown with her is her Gabite. But in the later episodes, she was seen with Plusle and Minun. Despite being a strong competiter in Coordination matches, she always lose against Dawn, yet she believes that she is a superior Coordinator than her.

During a flashback with Dawn, she told that she entered the Wallace Cup but she lost during the Appeal Round.

She entered the Sinnoh Grand Festival and passed the Appeal Round with her Evolution Strategy of her two Eevees. Thus making it to the Top 32. Her team so far is Gabite, Plusle, Minun, Wormadam, Jigglypuff, Vaporeon and Flareon. She was defeated in the very first round by her rival none other than Dawn. She is seen looking sadly at the final battle between Dawn and Zoey.

Non canon by Stardustdragon 123

After the events with Z-one's defeat, Ursula retained her personality being a bit more malicious than before. Still seeking revenge on Dawn, she came ear to ear to listening from "a voice beyond the twilight" (which is later revealed to be Roman using telepathy). She agrees to become a Dark Ranger for destroying Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh in exchange for letting her take revenge on Dawn in a battle, much to her joy is her opponent to banish to the Netherworld. During this time, she switched all of her team except Gabite (which she kept for the team powerhouse and Dark Synchro Transformation) for Dark Type Pokémon to suit her traits and came into possesion of the Earthbound Immortal Pokémon Ccapac Apu. She also seemed to gain the habit of performing maniac evil laughs during her battles.

During her second battle with Dawn (the first one ended with Dawn crashing after her Turbo Skates fell apart meaning no result) after part of the ground gave way from Ccapac Apu's weight, Dawn literally tried to save her to reveal that no matter what, losing would only help them learn from their mistakes. Ursula understood this and before she could end the battle herself, a tremor sent her plummenting towards one of the geoglyph flame walls. Dawn defeated Ccapac Apu and just saves Ursula from being crushed by the defeated Pokémon. Due to the nature of Shadow Battles, the loser would get sent to the Netherworld. Ursula tells Dawn in a kinder tone "Don't do anything stupid like lose to the Dark Rangers now, Okay?" before she turns to dust.

After Rex Goodwin's defeat and apon her revival, Ursula journeyed to Crash Town hoping to punish herself for her actions in the past. Ash and Dawn notice this coming to try and help her. This was where her personality completely changed with her first seeming like an outcast to the world relying on fate to her battles. After she loses again to Dawn, Barbara double crosses Ash and Dawn to get them sent to the Dine Mine as well as her. Until her narrow escape, she seemed to accept her fate of where she was. She aided during her escape 2 kids Nico and West to find their father and escape with him only to lose him during their escape. They reunite with Ash and Dawn and prevent Lawton from using his Excadrill for his "explosive wall" combo. Enraged, Lawton combines some rigged dynamite and Excadrill's Explosion to send them flying into a deep canyon and kidnaps Nico and West during his descent to the newly named Lawton Town.

Apon surviving the fall, she and the others take on Lawton in a 3 on 1 battle for the fate of the town. Noticing he would lose by Pikachu, Lawton attempts to get away only to be stopped by Ursula ending the battle on his turn lacking Piplup and Pikachu. She is now currently returning to Sinnoh currently practicing for the next Sinnoh Grand Festival.


Ursula always tries to be the very best and stop at nothing until she gets what she wants. She also seems to hold a grudge against Dawn almost like Primo's grudge against Ash.


In Anime[2]Edit

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Gabite Plusle Minun Flareon Vaporeon Jigglypuff Wormadam (Sand Cloak)

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