Urwen Avic Udeesie


Urwen in his ancient armour along with his giant Sith sword

Non-Armour Picture coming soon!!!

Current Profile

  • Name:
  1. Urwen Avic Udeesie (First-Urwen, Middle-Avic, Last-Udeesie)
  • Alias:
  1. Avic,
  2. Darth Embeion,
  3. Grand Admiral Embeion,
  4. Juggernuat
  • Age:
  1. 48 in Human years
  • Gender:
  1. Male
  • Height:
  1. 6'3"
  • Hair
  1. Long Grey with some Black streaks closer to the sclap.
  2. Tied into a pony tail and comes down to the end of the shoulder-plate bone.

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