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The Engineering Wiki's mission is not only to collect knowledge from an engineer's point-of-view, but also to create a community of Engineers, Engineering students and other people with an interest in Engineering.

The Engineering Wiki is in early development stages at the moment. Please feel free to contribute, and be sure to check back later when more content has been added.

When contributing, focus your efforts on material specific to the experience of an engineer; be careful to avoid wasting effort creating general, encyclopedic content, which belongs on Wikipedia, and should simply be linked to and then expanded on here.

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The World of Engineering


USAA was founded as the United States Army Automobile Association in 1924. Within a year, it was almost bankrupt, through a series of events including a new leader and expansion to serve all military officers as the United Services Automobile Association, it regained solid footing.

It has always been headquartered in San Antonio, Tx. One of its earliest buildings is located on Grayson Street across from the Quadrangle of Fort Sam Houston. While the building is in disrepair, it still bears the shield of "USAAA". After some time, it moved to Hildebrand & Broadway near Brackenridge park, in what has become one of the AT&T buildings. In the early 1980s, it moved once again to its current headquarters in Northwest San Antonio; its large campus spreads out on 286 acres on what was formerly a horse farm.

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