Changing crosshair color

alias crsclr "tg_clr"
alias tg_clr "cl_crosshaircolor 1; alias crsclr tg_clr1"
alias tg_clr1 "cl_crosshaircolor 2; alias crsclr tg_clr2"
alias tg_clr2 "cl_crosshaircolor 3; alias crsclr tg_clr3"
alias tg_clr3 "cl_crosshaircolor 0; alias crsclr tg_clr4"
alias tg_clr4 "cl_crosshaircolor 1; alias crsclr tg_clr5"
alias tg_clr5 "cl_crosshaircolor 2; alias crsclr tg_clr6"
alias tg_clr6 "cl_crosshaircolor 3; alias crsclr tg_clr7"
alias tg_clr7 "cl_crosshaircolor 0; alias crsclr tg_clr" 
bind f "crsclr"

Binding a text chat to a key

bind "w" "say Hiya Perc!"

Shortcut keys for buying

alias m4combo "buy m4a1; buy vesthelm; buy primammo"
bind "q" "m4combo"

Weapons List

galil - IDF Defender
ak47 - CV-47
scout - Schmidt Scout
sg552 - Krieg 552
awp - Magnum Sniper Rifle
g3sg1 - D3/AU1
famas - Clarion 5.56
m4a1 - Maverick M4A1 Carbine
aug - Bullpup
sg550 - Krieg 550 Commando
glock - 9x19mm Sidearm
usp - KM .45 Tactical
p228 - 228 Compact
deagle - Night Hawk .50C
elite - .40 Dual Elites
fiveseven - ES Five-Seven
m3 - Leone 12 Gauge Super
xm1014 - Leone YG1265 Auto Shotgun
mac10 - Ingram MAC-10
tmp - Schmidt Machine Pistol
mp5navy - KM Sub-Machine Gun
ump45 - KM UMP45
p90 - ES C90
m249 - M249
primammo - Primary Ammo
secammo - Secondary Ammo
vest - Kevlar
vesthelm - Kevlar+Helmet
flashbang - Flashbang
hegrenade - HE Grenade
smokegrenade - Smoke Grenade
nvgs - Nightvision
defuser - Defusal Kit

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