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public interface UserContext { /** * Checks if the user is authorized for a specific function * @param functionCode * @return */ public boolean containsAuthorizedFunction(String functionCode);

/** * Checks if the user is authorized for a specific event function * @param functionCode * @return */ public boolean containsAuthorizedEventFunction(String functionCode);

/** * Access usercache */ public abstract DBCache getUserCache();

/** * Returns a object containing the name of the current * authenticated user. If the user has not been authenticated, the method returns null. * * @return a containing the name of the user makig this request; * null if the user has not been authenticated. */ public abstract Principal getUserPrincipal();

/** * Returns the user locale */ public abstract String getLocale();

/** * Returns the pageCache of the page at level of the history * @param level * @return */ public abstract PageCache getPageCache(int level);

/** * @return */ public abstract PageCache getPageCacheMain(); /** * @return */ public abstract PageCache getPageCacheContext(); /** * @param pageCache */ public abstract void addPageCache( PageCache pageCache); /** * @param level */ public abstract void truncatePageCache( int level);

/** * @param level * @return */ public abstract PageContext getPageContext(int level); /** * @return */ public abstract PageContext getPageContextMain(); /** * @return */ public abstract PageContext getPageContextContext(); /** * @param PageContext */ public abstract void addPageContext( PageContext PageContext); /** * @param level */ public abstract void truncatePageContext( int level);

/** * Resets the page history. Creates 2 entries in the history, one for the initial context page and one for the main page. * @param contextPage * @param mainPage */ public void resetPageContext(int contextPage, int mainPage);

public String getUserName();

public String getUnitName();

public String getUnitCode();

public void setUserName(String userName);

public void setUnitName(String unitName);

public void setUnitCode(String unitCode);

public String getUserCode();

public void setUserCode(String userCode);

public DBResults getUnits();

public void setUnits(DBResults units);

public String getUnitDependentSet();

public void setUnitDependentSet(String unitDependentSet);

public String getInitialTransition();

public void setInitialTransition(String initialTransition);

public int getPageLevel();

public List getPageContext();

/** * Checks if the current user session is in non-electronic information disclosure mode. * @return indicator for disclose mode */ public abstract boolean isNedSession();

/** * Sets an indicator in the user context to indicate that the current session * is in non-electronic information disclose mode. * @param nedSession */ public abstract void setNedSession(boolean nedSession);

/** * Creates a new DBCache object for this user's context. */ public abstract void createCache();


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